How to Activate a Capital One Credit Card

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The Capital One credit card is very popular. You may have seen commercials for Capital One, which espouse all of the benefits of having one of their cards. You can accumulate a lot of rewards using these cards. They have various tiers and credit limits as well, so people with different credit backgrounds can apply for them. They offer credit cards that will reward you in specific ways. For example, with their Venture card, you will get travel rewards, and with their business cards, you can earn points towards business purchases.

They also offer a line of cards for people with average credit or those rebuilding credit:

  • The QuicksilverOne, which offers 1.5% cash back on every purchase is available to people with average credit. It has a low annual fee of $39.
  • The Capital One Platinum card comes with no annual fee and is similarly available to people with average credit, though it doesn’t come with cash back rewards.
  • The Journey Student rewards cards is made especially for students with average credit who want to build up their score. You can earn cash back and there is no annual fee.
  • The Capital One Secured MasterCard is a card especially for those who have no credit or are trying to make up for credit mistakes in the past. Basically, you put up a deposit of $49 to $200, depending on your credit history, and this “secures” the card against misuse. If you use the card responsibly for 5 months, then they will raise your limit because you paid everything back on schedule.

As you can see, there are many different options with Capital One, but regardless of what kind of credit card is right for you, you will go through an application process. You can do this online or through the mail, and if you choose a credit card that matches your level of credit, it should be quickly approved. Once you are approved, you will get your credit card in the mail. When that happens, you should immediately:

1) Sign the back of the card where the white strip is. This will help businesses verify your identity more easily when you use the credit card in person.

2) Complete a Capital One activation.  They will ask you to sign into your Capital One account. If you don’t have an account already, then you will need to set up one. Alternatively, you can also use the mobile app to Capital One to activate your card. There is no Capital One activation phone number on their website; however, you can call their customer service line at 1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825), and they will help you.

View more information about the Capital One Credit Card.


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