How to activate a Sears MasterCard

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Citibank and Sears have come together to offer a credit card that promises to help account holders to “shop your way.” This is a rewards credit card that offers benefits for purchases at Sears and can be used anywhere that MasterCard products are accepted. To activate Sears credit card accounts, you can contact the Citibank primary customer line at 1 (800) 589-7327. The Sears credit card activation can happen online if you prefer as well.

If you encounter issues with either the online process or the primary customer line, the Sears card activation phone number at 1 (800) 815-7701 may provide the assistance needed to use your new credit card.

What Is Needed for the Sears MasterCard Online Activation?

The Sears credit card activation process, if completed online, requires new account holders to verify the information they provided when initially applying for the line of credit. You’ll need to enter your name as it was printed on the card and your vital data, such as your birthday. The credit card information, including the security code and the number, will also be required.

Then submit the data through the indicated prompts and your Sears credit card will be activated through the online process. Most new account holders will be able to complete the activation process in 2 minutes or less.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Sears MasterCard?

After you activate a Sears MasterCard online, you can begin to take advantage of the many rewards and opportunities that come with this specific line of credit.

  • An eligible purchase at a gas station can earn 5% in rewards points.
  • Grocery store and restaurant purchases which are eligible earn 3% in rewards points.
  • Sears and Kmart purchases earn 2% back in rewards points.

Purchases which fall outside these categories still earn 1% back in the form of rewards points. Any rewards that are earned above the 1% threshold continue until a combined $10,000 in purchases have been rewarded. After this spending cap, all purchases continue to earn 1% in rewards points.

Some new account holders may also qualify for a purchase discount or statement credit when they open a new Sears credit card account and make a purchase at a Sears, Kmart, or other qualifying retailer or business.

With Sears, credit card activation benefits also include no liability for a purchase that is not authorized. There is identity theft help that may be provided and additional authorized users of the MasterCard can be added without an extra cost.

For purchases with Sears, there may be special financing options available to some card holders as well.

What Is the APR of the New Sears MasterCard?

Once you activate a Sears MasterCard online, the new line of credit has a 25.99% APR for purchases and a 27.9% APR for a cash advance. The minimum fee for a cash advance is $5 or will be 5% of the requested transaction. Interest rates for this card are based on the current Prime Rate that has been published.

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