How to Activate an American Express Credit Card

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Your location matters when you need to activate an American Express card online. There is an activation website dedicated to US customers only, along with a global American Express activation site that works for everyone. To activate an American Express card, you’ll need to enter your card number and the 4-digit card number that is printed to the top right of the account number. You will then be invited to customize your account so that this line of credit can best meet your needs. Follow all the prompts and you’ll be able to complete the online activation.

If you prefer, you can also contact the American Express card activation phone number to complete the activation process. In the United States, that number is 1 (800) 528-4800. TTY/TTD users can receive assistance with their American Express credit card activation by dialing 1 (800) 221-9950.

What Are the Benefits of Having an American Express Card?

American Express is consistently rated as one of the best credit card providers in the world today. As with many credit cards today, the benefits of having this line of credit include enhanced product return capabilities, extended warranties, and purchase programs.

American Express new card benefits are based on your assigned tier. Gold and Platinum card holders may qualify for free event tickets and other unique rewards. There is also enhanced customer support available for merchant disputes, cash back programs, and other rewards opportunities that are assigned to specific account types.

American Express provides travel cards, points cards, and no annual fee cards that are available at different tiers. Once approved, just follow the steps to activate an American Express card online and you’ll be able to use this highly reputable card right away.

Different American Express Cards Have Their Own Fee and Rate Structures

The American Express credit card activation process offers numerous types of accounts. Each type of card offers its own set of fees and rates. Some accounts have no annual fee. The American Express Platinum credit card has a $550 annual fee.

Some American Express cards require the balance to be paid in full at the end of a billing cycle. Others have a variable APR that is applied to any remaining balance.

The American Express card activation process is the same, no matter what type of account has been approved for your use.

What If I’m Activating a Business or Corporate AMEX Credit Card?

Many businesses use American Express credit cards because this line of credit offers a secure way to pay for various corporate needs. Owners can also have an AMEX account assigned to their business if they prefer. To activate an American Express card like this, the steps are the same as if you were activating a personal card.

The American Express card activation phone number for business or corporate accounts is different than for personal accounts. You will wish to contact AMEX at 1 (866) 207-7970 to speak with a representative about activating your new card.

Some corporate card holders may need to have their accounting or human resources division process the card activation on their behalf.

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