How to Activate an HSBC Card

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There are many different kinds of HSBC credit cards to choose from that can offer various benefits. For instance, you can apply for the HSBC Premier World MasterCard, which offers points for every dollar that you spend and comes with plenty of rewards that you can choose from, especially travel and shopping rewards. There are other options for those with better credit, such as the HSBC Advance, which offers many extras, and the HSBC Platinum which has an impressive cash back offering for new customers.

All of these cards come with no annual fees and no foreign transaction fees as well. They’re the perfect cards for those who love to travel. Regardless of which card you choose, though, there are several steps to the process of enrolling:

1) First you must apply. Depending on your credit history, you may or may not get approved. A poor credit history may still allow you a basic card with a low dollar maximum.

2) Once you have applied, you will be notified of whether you are approved or not—sometimes immediately. If you are approved, then you will have to wait for your physical credit card to arrive in the post. When the envelope arrives, make sure to check for any evidence of tampering. Credit card fraud is unfortunately a growing problem.

3) When you have your physical credit card in hand, activate immediately by calling the number on the back or on line.Do not delay in this step, as letting your credit card sit around inactivated could pose a security problem if it falls into the wrong hands.

Here are the steps to HSBC activate credit card:

1) Sign the back of your card immediately. This signature will be used to verify your identity when you sign off on purchases. Make sure that it is your usual signature that you use in everyday business transactions.

2) Now you can activate your card using one of two methods: You can activate your HSBC card by phone or activate it online. If you wish to activate by phone, call the HSBC activation phone number at 0800 783 5263 or on the back of the card and follow the instructions from the automated system. It should be a fairly quick process.

If you wish to activate online, then simply go to your online banking account by logging in. Once you’re in your account, click where it says “Manage,” then “Activate New Card,” and go through the activation wizard provided. If you don’t have an online account with HSBC yet, you may have to create one.

Alternatively, you can also activate the cards in person at a cash machine. Using your card for any transaction will automatically activate it, unless this is your first card from HSBC, in which case you will need to activate the card online or by phone only.

After you have activated the card, then you should be free to use it at any location that accepts MasterCard credit cards.

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