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Moneris Go Review

    Calling all small businesses who are looking for a way to process customer payments on a mobile front! Not all products and services these days are sold in a conventional way anymore, and not all businesses have “brick and mortar” locations. We live in a world that is constantly on the go! An all-in-one credit card and debit terminal, plus PIN pad, Moneris Go is a compact device developed by PAX Technology to help business owners process transactions.

    Payments can be accepted anywhere, at any time, with the terminal’s 4G wireless connectivity function. Business owners and clients enter information into the device, which is prompted by the terminal. The way it works is a business owner enters the information, and when directed, the Moneris Go terminal is handed to the customer. When they are done plugging the prompted information needed, the device is handed back to complete the transaction.

    Customers also have the option of receiving a printed receipt, or an electronic one sent either via text or email.

    The Moneris Go terminal has all the features and functions needed for small businesses to process debit and credit card transactions on the go. The printer, within the hardware device, prints out receipts and relevant business reports. A contactless reader can be found on the front of the terminal to process transactions when a card chip is tapped onto it, plus it has a magnetic stripe reader for payments, and a chip-card reader, as well. There is a 5” touch-screen display that provides information, prompts users, and allows both client and business to plug information in when the screen is touched.

    The Moneris Go terminal has a camera on both the front and the back that scans QR codes to help businesses locate transactions for reprinting of receipts, voids, or refunds.

    There is also a UBS connection contact at the back of the device to help with charging the terminal, although Moneris Go does tout an all-day battery life, so you can charge it during “closing hours” and have peace of mind that it’ll be roaring to go come the next day.

    Lastly, business owners are given infinite control to delegate Moneris Go capabilities if they cannot be at the point of sale when an employee is dealing with a customer. They can add and organize administrators to the device, as well as delete staff from the terminal if need be.

    How Much is a Moneris Go Machine?

    Moneris Go is currently offering small business three months of no rental fees (free on up to five devices). With that said, there is a monthly charge of $29.95, plus tax, after the first initial three months are done. There are also processing fees linked to debit and credit cards. With an inserted, tapped, or swiped credit card payment, businesses pay 2.55%, as well as 10 cents per customer transaction. Meanwhile, the Interac process fee is 10 cents for each transaction.

    The good news is, Moneris Go offers no activation, cancellation, or connection fee.

    Moneris Go Merchant Sign-in

    For security purposes, business owners are required to sign-in to the terminal before conducting transactions. This feature is designed to protect you and your customers. The first thing you need to do is tap the username field on the display screen of your Moneris Go device and enter in the information. The next step is to tap on the password field, fill in the information, and you are ready to go.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can tap onto the “Forgot Password” entry on the screen during the initial sign-in process. The device will send along an email with a link where you can reset the password. Once you have established a new password, head back to your Moneris Go terminal, and re-enter your information to gain access to it.

    Just as you have to sign-in to the terminal for security, it is just as important to sign-out. When the end of the selling day has ended, you can tap the “main menu” icon on your Moneris Go, scroll to the bottom, and tap the “sign-out” button. There is also a feature on the terminal where the machine signs out automatically; however, this needs to be activated.

    View more information about the Moneris Go terminal.


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