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TD Venture Line of Credit Visa Card Review

    For anyone looking to simplify their business spending, a good line of credit is vital. With that said, for most small business owners, getting access to the money they need, when they need it, can be an exercise in frustration. To help you get around this problem, we recommend you look at the TD Venture Line of Credit VISA Card. It is a powerful and effective credit product that can provide outstanding value to business owners.

    First off, the unique aspect of the TD Venture Line of Credit Visa is that it offers you two major components for business spending. First, it provides access to funds via its line of credit function for daily operational expenses, plus, you also gain access to a VISA-style card for your shopping needs. This includes both online and in-store spending. The credit limit spans as low as $1,000, to as high as $50,000, depending on how much is applied for and how much is approved.

    You apply only once, initially, and your TD Venture Line of Credit Visa is renewed yearly, which means no annual application. Plus, no yearly business plans need to be reviewed, as well as no annual interviews. Approval is based almost entirely on your personal credit level – not the business. Eligibility requirements include being the age of majority within the province or territory you reside in and being a Canadian resident.

    With no annual fees, the Venture also has an exceptionally low fluctuating interest rate, which reflects TD Prime volumes. Plus, you enjoy this same rate for both cash advances and purchase transactions, which is TD Prime, plus 2.0% (up to TD Prime + 15%). There are no interest-free grace periods with this credit product.

    When it comes to emergencies, your TD Venture Line of Credit Visa has you covered, where users can request an “emergency cash advance” of up to $5,000. This is subject to the card’s available credit limit.

    The TD Venture Line of Credit Visa card offers up to 25% off discounts for purchases that are charged under Visa’s SavingsEdge program. You can also save at least 10% off the lowest base car rental rates in Canada and U.S. with Budget Rent A Car and Avis Rent A Car, and a minimum of 5% internationally, and all participating locations. 

    Membership does have its privileges, and those with this credit product gain access to benefits that include trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, as well as travel medical insurance. You have an option to opt-in for TD’s Auto Club Membership, too.

    Adding other cardholders to the account is free (up to three); however, you are still held accountable for all charges to the account, including any made by your added cardholders. In addition, with TD Fraud Alerts, the card gives you peace of mind. You can receive fraud alerts automatically on your smartphone or tablet if there is suspicious activity taking place on Venture Line of Credit Visa, whether it’s your card or add cards on the account.

    Speaking of fraud, the TD Venture offers PIN and chip technology, adding another layer of security when it comes to purchases, as well as cash advances. A PIN makes it that much harder for unauthorized users to gain access to your line of credit Visa. Just make sure you pick a PIN that would hard for anyone to link to you.

    If your business needs a bit of extra fiscal security and the opportunity to progress, this credit product might be the right tool to get you there. It is powerful, variable, flexible, and a hugely effective open line of credit to help with day-to-day costs and spending.

    For more information, visit: TD Venture Line of Credit Visa Card.


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