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Shop Pay Review

    A handy and convenient payment option for those who use the Shopify store, Shop Pay allows for an easier and accelerated checkout system for customers. For those unfamiliar with the “Shopify store”, this is an e-commerce platform that provides entrepreneurs, as well as small and larger enterprises, the ability to organize an online store to sell their products and services. So, whether you are a crafty clothing designer looking to launch some cool graphic tees, or a life coach who wants to make a difference in people’s lives, Shopify can help you sell what you are passionate about, with ease.

    In fact, thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and consultants from more than 175 countries currently use the Shopify store to help attract clients to their ventures.

    The beauty of Shop Pay is that it creates a fast and easy checkout solution for potential customers who use the Shopify store. It saves credit card details and added data (i.e. shipping information), so that the next time a customer is at a Shopify checkout, the process is that much faster. In fact, payments go through more quickly, which saves customers time and hassle, and this equals out to more repeated customers, purchases, and increased sales for the businesses that sell on the online system. Goods and services are paid for, and when using Shop Pay, your credit card is simply billed during the transaction.

    There are other advantages to the system, beyond a quicker check out. Shop Pay tracks and gathers orders so there no need to search specific items out. Returns, as well as general questions and comments to specific stores that you have purchased from (or want to purchase from) are simply a few clicks away. Moreover, you can customize your Shop Pay feed by offering up information around what you prioritize on Shopify. Recommendations on items you love will pop up on your feed, as well deals, promotions, and trending items. It also has a “Shop local” function, where customers can easily find retailers close by; shopping local is important now more than ever. It also offers unique features like delivery and pickup options when you shop within your community.

    Still, another aspect that sets Shop Pay apart from other payment systems is that it remains committed to offsetting carbon emissions that can be caused by online deliveries. This means they are driven by a promise to protect the environment. In fact, they claim to have saved 7 million trees and over 6,000 tons of carbon emissions.

    When a person uses the Shop Pay function, the delivery from the store uses a Shopify carrier. The Shopify team then gathers the data they receive from these carriers to collect emissions information about how much is used to make the delivery. Shopify then offsets the emissions caused by the delivery of a client’s sale by attempting to protect the number of trees that are affected by said delivery. The company strongly believes that protecting trees is vital when it comes to the issue of carbon emissions. This is because trees absorb these emissions allowing for a better quality of air. Shopify is dedicated to protecting trees and making this world a better place through sustainable solutions and corporate responsibility.

    How can a customer set up Shop Pay? First-time clients of this system can head to the Shopify checkout section after shopping by simply clicking on the branded link. They are then prompted to enter all billing information, including credit card and shipping details. Once that is complete, they save what they have recorded to ensure a quicker checkout when using Shopify in the future. Shop Pay stores this information for the next time you log on and can authorize details without customers having to enter in any more information. Customers receive a six digit code as verification the first time used, for security purposes.

    If something changes, and you need to adjust your Shop Pay information, this can be changed. While you will have to opt out of Shop Pay via the current number, you can still create a new account with new information if need be.

    Shop Pay can be downloaded to your smart phone, by simply following the prompts on the home page of their website. Shop Pay guarantees information is private and secure for both vendor and customer. For more information on Shopify and Shop Pay, visit their websites.


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