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Breezeful Mortgage Application Review

    Looking for an alternative to the “traditional” way of shopping for a mortgage? You might consider Breezeful. The website aims to make “every step” of the home buying experience faster, more convenient, and accessible for all their clients. As an online mortgage broker, the Breezeful website can provide the best mortgage for you, at a quicker pace than traditional mortgage lenders.

    While they do tout the lowest rates, they can also offer you alternative paths to homeownership, as well as specialized mortgage solutions. As a digital mortgage broker, its service can search 30+ lenders – including major and trusted financial institutions like TD Bank, Scotia, and Manulife – to find users the most competitive rates. 

    Breezeful offers an end-to-end digital experience, with 24/7 support from a dedicated mortgage agent. Their technology is powered by experts in the mortgage industry who aim to help clients through the entire experience, whether that means negotiating the best mortgage rate or finding a mortgage product that best suits clients’ needs. The website helps users find mortgages in both Canada and the USA. The best part of the service is that each online mortgage broker isn’t attached to a specific lender; therefore, clients can feel confident in knowing the advice is unbiased, unlike mortgage specialists who draft up applications for the banks they work for.

    Starting the entire process is simple. The first step is to log on to and fill out a quick online form. The site is very user-friendly and applying online in the comfort of your own home is much easier than booking an appointment at a bank, waiting for days to go by, and meeting with a representative, face-to-face in a branch. Online forms and approvals can be done anywhere, anytime, at your own convenience. Additionally, Breezeful has eliminated the need for multiple credit bureau reports. Only one credit check is required. After the online application is submitted (which takes approximately two to five minutes), instant rate quotes are provided. Even after you meet with your bank rep at a branch, it takes days to receive rates and approvals. Breezeful not only saves you money by finding the lowest rates, but it saves you time, too.

    The online form helps Breezeful mortgage experts learn more about what you are looking for. This is to help provide you with the best customer service experience possible, whether you are refinancing or applying for a first mortgage. From the quick form, they’ll be able to fully understand your unique circumstances and needs behind the application. The website guarantees all user information remains private at all times.

    Some questions in the online form include the kind of mortgage you are looking for (i.e. buying versus refinancing). If you select “buying a new” home, you’ll be asked about where you are in the process, at this moment. Breezeful needs to determine if you know how much mortgage money you qualify for, require pre-approval, are making/accepting offers, or are just looking for better rates. The next question after this step asks how you plan to use the property you are buying—whether you’ll be living in the building, living and renting part of the property, using the property as a rental, or if the building being refinanced is a second home. Other questions you’ll need to answer include the address of the property you are interested in, the estimated cost, and the amount of down payment you have, plus the time frame you need a refinance for, whether that be right away, or six months from now.

    If you choose the refinance option, you’ll be asked what kind of mortgage refinance you require, whether that be a mortgage renewal, second mortgage, home equity line of credit, equity takeout, or renovation loan. The next question after this step is the address of the property that needs the refinance, and then what the property is being used for (much like the questions above). Other things you’ll need to answer are the estimated value of your home, the remaining mortgage balance, and the time frame you need a refinance for.

    After the application is completed and submitted, each client is assigned a dedicated online mortgage agent. The online broker reaches out almost immediately after you finish your application via text or email, to further discuss it. Your Breezeful mortgage agent offers advice and negotiates with lenders, for you, using one credit report. You will always have direct access to your online mortgage expert. There will be no need to worry about working with different people, at different moments within your mortgage application. After recommendations are offered, and you have accepted the mortgage offers, the online agent helps you to “close” the entire deal. Even after everything is signed and paperwork is done, Breezeful remains committed to you when it comes to advice on closing details, and any future referrals that might be required.

    Breezeful is an entirely online application using bespoke technology that helps work out the best option for your mortgage. Get the best mortgage available, online, and fast!


    Christopher - BSc, MBA

    With over two decades of combined Big 5 Banking and Agency experience, Christopher launched Underbanked® to cut through the noise and complexity of financial information. Christopher has an MBA degree from McMaster University and BSc. from Western University in Canada.

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