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Scotia Momentum® No-Fee VISA Credit Card Review

    The Scotia Momentum card provides a convenient way to pay for your purchases quickly, while earning rewards. This is perhaps the best borrowing card on the market.  The credit card is called the Scotia Momentum No-Fee VISA card, offered by Scotiabank. With a 7.99% APR, you can save interest costs by moving balances on other cards to this card during its six month introductory time span. Profit from money back on every purchase, pay no annual fee, and you’ve got a winner!


    Cash back on everyday spending
    Scotia Momentum® No Fee VISA* card Application

    The Money Back Program

    You get 1% money cash back on purchases made at qualifying vendors, such as pharmaceutical stores, food grocery stores, gas pumps, even your recurring payments you make through your accounts for utilities. Get .5% cash back on all other purchases.

    If you’re looking to create a financial benefit for yourself for the day to day spending that you do, then the Scotia Momentum No-Fee VISA credit card could be the credit card answer you’ve been searching for.

    With comparable rates as other cards, money back, and easy-to-access borrowing when you need it, you’ll have all the debt tools you need at your disposal with this helpful card.

    • The minimum credit line offered by this line of credit is $500 and the grace period will stay interest free for at least 21 days. Recurring payments also qualify for the 1% cash back, so save cash today on your monthly insurance premiums and other memberships.

    Credit Card Protection Is Also Available

    If you carry small balances on your credit card, then you may also wish to consider carrying an insurance policy on your Scotia Momentum credit card balance.

    For $0.95 per $100 in average balances throughout the month, up to 5% of your existing balance or minimum payment due will be paid if you can’t pay your bill for some reason. If you have a critical emergency, your existing balance, up to $20,000, can even be paid off!

    With competitive rates, cash back, and easy-to-access credit when you need it, you’ll have all the debt management tools you need at your disposal with this helpful card! If you can pay off your balance in six months or less to take advantage of the promo rates, then we highly recommend that you transfer balances from other credit cards here.


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