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Credit Card Reviews

Which Scotiabank Credit Card Is Right For You?

Scotiabank offers a number of highly beneficial credit cards that can offer anyone the extra access to rewards, emergency funds, or other needs that they may have to achieve their financial goals. Scotiabank makes it easy to manage personal finances with their varied selection of credit cards. This is why it is one of Canada’s leading lenders.

Let’s take a look at how these cards could help you reach your financial goals.

Free movies and more
SCENE® VISA Card Application

Watching movies becomes easier with a movie points credit card. This program allows for points to be redeemed to enjoy free movies at Cineplex Entertainment theaters or other entertainment rewards.

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Cash back on everyday spending
Scotia Momentum® VISA* card Application

This credit card is one of the most powerful cashback credit cards that is on the market today. You'll get 2% back on fuel and grocery purchases, 2% back on drug store and recurring payments, and 1% back on everything else. There is an annual fee of $39 and income minimums are part of the application evaluation.

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Cash back on everyday spending
Scotia Momentum® No Fee VISA* card Application

If the rewards program for Momentum is what you want, but you don't want the fees of the expanded program, then this offering from Scotiabank could be yours. You get 1% cash back when you purchase fuel, drug store items, or groceries and 0.5% back on all other purchases. The minimum credit line is just $500 and the APR rates are still very competitive.

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Premium Cash Back
Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite card Application

This card offers up to 4% cash back credit card offers an opportunity to save on eligible gas station and grocery purchases can provide large rewards. Recurring bills and drug store purchases earn 2% cash back, while all other purchases still earn 1% cash back.

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Earn travel rewards up to 2x faster
Scotiabank American Express Card Application

Scotiabank has partnered with American Express to offer a rewards card that gives you double points on fuel, dining, entertainment, and grocery purchases. You get 1% back on other eligible purchases and the catalogue of rewards includes travel, gift cards, and other brand name merchandise. There's also a $39 annual fee, but APRs are very competitive.

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Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card
Scotiabank Gold American Express Card Application

If you want to step up your rewards with an AMEX card, then the gold card offered by Scotiabank can help you achieve your goals. You get quadruple points on eligible purchases and travel insurance when you go out of province. There's a $99 annualized fee on this account and you must qualify for a minimum credit line of $5,000.

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ScotiaGold Passport VISA card
ScotiaGold Passport® VISA* card Application

This rewards card gives you 1 point for every dollar spent. The rewards let you travel wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go, because there aren't any restrictions. You'll earn bonus points with your first qualifying purchase, but there is an annual fee of $110. This credit card also requires a $5,000 minimum line of credit.

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Scotiabank GM VISA Infinite
Scotiabank® GM®* VISA Infinite card Application

For those who are thinking about purchasing or leasing a new vehicle in the future, an auto rewards credit card is a unique way to save money toward a down payment. This program allows cardholders to save 5% on their first $5,000 spent every year for GM earnings and then another 2% on all other purchases.

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Save hundreds of dollars a year
Scotiabank Value® VISA card Application

With a minimum $500 credit limit and a low 11.99% interest rate, if you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, you have got the chance to transfer high debt accounts over to this Value VISA credit card by Scotiabank.

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Apply to the Tangerine World Mastercard
Tangerine World Mastercard Application

The Tangerine World Mastercard is one of the most lucrative cash-back credit card opportunities to consider today. Instead of providing a single category for spending, users receive rewards on two preferred options that you choose as part of the application process.

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Scotiabank PassportTM Visa Infinite* Card
Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card Application

If you love to travel, the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card can be an essential part of your financial plan. It is the only credit card offering from a major bank than doesn’t require foreign transaction fees while providing six free lounge visits at airports during the year.

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Scotia Momentum MasterCard
Scotia Momentum Mastercard Credit Card Application

Many charge cards that have no annual fee also have no rewards, but that's not the case with this card. With up to 1% cash back on purchases and a 7.99% introductory APR for purchases, now is the perfect time to save money on that big ticket item that you've been wanting. The minimum credit line offered by this line of credit is $500 and the grace period will stay interest free for at least 21 days.

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Scotiabank Platinum American Express
Scotiabank Platinum American Express Application

The Scotiabank Platinum American Express card is a rewards generator that encourages you to make everyday purchases on this account. Users get to access luxury travel privileges while using rewards that can get redeemed or booked anywhere, at any time, without any restrictions.

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