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American Express Business Card Review

    The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card ranks with the best. This card gives 30,000 Points as part of your Welcome business (subject to change). To earn this bonus, you must you spend $5,000 in the first three months. That welcome bonus is worth as much as $300. With no annual fees, either, this is a very affordable business credit card. The points that you get can be used to help pay off charges on the card.

    Travel insurance for baggage and flight delays, stolen items and the like are provided, too! Quarterly and Annual reporting options exist. However, it’s not the only reason why investing with the Gold Rewards Card makes sense. It gives you access to what is known as the three suppliers program. Basically, if you invest with a certain group of suppliers – three in total as the name suggests – you will get provided with points awarded at double the normal rate.

    View more information about the Business Golds Rewards Card.

    Business Platinum Card® from American Express®

    For any business that requires a lot of travelling, it’s important that you are well protected and capable of handling the challenges which will undoubtedly be coming your way.

    For that reason, many people are choosing to turn to the Business Platinum Card from American Express. Comfortably one of the best business cards in Canada for businesses that need to do a lot of travelling, this is a must-have when you want to start getting a bit of return for all of that travel.

    This is a great solution for anyone who wants to find a more convenient and easy-going solution to make their travelling a little more effective and affordable. With the help of this Business Platinum Card, you can travel in style, with the introduction of free access to all airport lounges across 600 unique destinations.

    • This card makes sure you can make the most of a whopping 40,000 Welcome Points – which can turn into hundreds of dollars in bonuses.
    • Full access to airport lounges all across the globe.
    • Dedicated assistance via concierge teams which pu you first.
    • Points are fully transferrable

    One of the other major draws of this card are the bonuses . If you spend $5,000 in the first three months, you may receive a bonus of 40,000 points in total. With $1 paying 25 points, your points will add up quickly. Now you can spend these points on travel, gifts from the Membership program , or just manage your business expenses.

    The card benefits include insurance for travel.

    Get more information about the Business Platinum Card.


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