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British Airways Visa Signature® Card Review

    While the British Airways Visa Signature® Card immediately might rub some people off on the wrong way, thanks to their hefty $95 annual fee, for those who love to fly those friendly skies, it could very well be worth the yearly payment. With 50,000 bonus Avios to collect after you spend $3,000 in the first three months, their “welcome” offer to the card could help you redeem a fair-cost flight. Plus, there’s more to that bonus rewards welcome. Once you hit the $10,000 mark in purchases with the Visa, you get another 25,000 bonus Avios.

    It’s a card that offers a lot of long-term bonuses and rewards. If you spent $20,000 in your first year, you would receive 100,000 bonus Avios in total, which can equal out to a ton flying. After you finish racking up those welcome offer rewards points, British Airways Visa Signature® cardholders earn 3 Avios when they spend $1 on British Airways (BA), Iberia, and Aer Lingus purchases. Two Avios are collected for every $1 the cardholder spends on accommodations charged directly with a hotel. Plus, 1 Avios/per $1 spent on all other charges. 

    British Airways Visa Signature® Card also offers their cardholders the opportunity to earn additional (bonus) Avios of up to 50,000, when you refer a friend. Each friend that gets approved for the credit card (up to five individuals) gets you 10,000 bonus Avios!

    Avios can be redeemed for travel, and also be used to pay for added travel charges, taxes, as well as carrier-imposed fees for reward flights. 

    When you spend $30,000 in a single year, cardholders get a complimentary ticket for any flight you buy, using Avios. This Travel Together Ticket must be booked with OneWorld partners, making it a tad restrictive; however, it is valid for a span of two years. 

    Added benefits and rewards include receiving statement credits for Premium Economy and Economy flights ($100), or $200 for First Class and Business seating; up to three times each year, which amounts up to $600 in savings. It’s important to note that booking needs to be done via a London flight. 

    If you like to travel (and shop), then you’ll also be happy to learn that there are no foreign transaction fees made on purchases outside the U.S. This can add up and become a huge saving, as $5,000 spent internationally can equal out to $150 in fees. 

    Speaking of travel, membership has its benefits in the form of a wide range of travel insurance protection. British Airways Visa Signature® Card offers Baggage Delay insurance that covers luggage delays of 6+ hours, with $100 given daily for three days in total. You also get Lost Luggage Reimbursement for lost or damaged bags while traveling, with coverage spanning up to $3,000 for each traveler. Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver is also provided for those who rent cars while on vacation and waive liability in the case of an accident. As well as Purchase Protection on items charged on the card (up to 120 days) is offered, and Extended Warranty on products purchased with your Visa.

    Lastly, the Visa Signature provides the contactless pay feature, where you simply tap and go when at the register, making it super easy, (and super convenient) if you are in a rush!

    At the end of the day, the BA Visa Signatures is a good choice for foreign travel, but not as rewarding for domestic flights unless you fly with American Airlines (AA), BA’s partner. The welcome offer bonuses go above and beyond what most other credit cards do, making this card an exceptional choice for those in search of long-term rewards for loyalty. Having said that, if you do not like to fly AA or BA, then this may not be the right card for you. Add in the fact that BA can be expensive, this might negate much of the savings.

    View more information about the British Airways Visa Signature® Card.


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