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Hyatt Credit Card Review

    The Hyatt credit card is more than just a simple Hotel card. It offers rewards opportunities, two free nights at Hyatt Hotels around the world, and restaurant purchases earn double rewards, or 2 points for every dollar spent, every time. Offered by Chase, there are numerous ways to earn additional rewards with this hotel credit card.

    • You earn triple points when you stay at any Hyatt property.
    • Double points are also earned when you purchase airline tickets either directly from the airline or through a car rental agency.
    • Hyatt Gold Passport members are also able to earn 5 points for every $1 spent at any Hyatt property.

    These rewards are guaranteed through at least February 28, 2017.

    The Hyatt Credit Card Offers Multiple Bonus Levels

    There are no limits to the points or bonuses that can be earned with the Hyatt credit card. As long as the credit card remains active, the points and bonuses which are earned will never expire.

    To accommodate those who use this casino credit card frequently, Chase has introduced two additional bonus levels that can earn even more rewards.

    Platinum members are able to receive a 15% point bonus whenever they purchase eligible items at a Hyatt property. Diamond members receive a 30% point bonus.

    These point benefits apply to every card that is authorized for use on the account of this casino credit card. This allows family members or trusted friends to share in the rewards and can help to earn more rewards through its use.

    How to Become a Hyatt Gold Passport Member

    The Hyatt Gold Passport membership program that is associated with this card is a loyalty program that is points-based. Starting in March 2017, you will be able to earn 5 points for every dollar spent on Hyatt Hotels stays, spa packages, dining experiences, and more.

    Hyatt credit card holders can also earn bonus points through this loyalty program. These points are earned by holding a qualifying event, a qualifying meeting, or through certain promotions that are offered through the program. Bonus points can be redeemed for rewards, but do not count toward tier status.

    Starting in March 2017, the three tiers will transform to “Discoverist,” “Explorist,” and “Globalist.” Members can upgrade their tier status by holding qualifying meetings, earning base points, or by staying at qualifying Hyatt Hotels for a pre-determined number of nights. To reach the Discoverist level, one would need to stay 10 nights, earn 25,000 base points, or host three qualified meetings or events.

    What Are the Current Offer Terms for the Hyatt Credit Card

    Chase offers new account holders the opportunity to earn two free nights at Hyatt Hotels anywhere in the world. Just make $2,000 in purchases within the first three months of opening the account and this reward will be granted.

    Purchases that are not paid within the offered grace period are subject to a variable APR. Current rates are listed between 16.24%-23.24% and the assigned rate is based on the user’s credit history. There is also a $75 annual fee that is associated with this credit card.

    New account holders also receive one free night at a Hyatt Hotel every year that their card remains active. There are no foreign transaction fees. Purchase and travel coverage is included with all new accounts as well.

    View more information about the Hyatt credit card.


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