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Travel Insurance Comparison Review

    Who is ready to travel again? Something worth buying before heading on a holiday is travel insurance. While it may not seem “worth it”, if something unexpected happens, this can help reimburse the costs of travel-related emergencies like medical bills, evacuation, and expenses linked to trip cancellation. Like anything else, the first thing you want to do is shop around and find the best possible prices.

    A great resource that does a lot of the work for you is Travel Insurance by It saves you both time and money. After a quick online application, quotes appear almost instantly. The website is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. In fact, boasts that it can save you up to 60% on travel insurance. It works with several insurance companies, including Away Care, Blue Cross, and Travel Guard. 

    How do you get started? Log onto the website and scroll to the top of the menu. When you find the “Travel Insurance” option, click on it. To get started, hit the “Get Quotes” button. 

    The initial step of the application is a one-page form that has some general questions about you and your trip. You’ll need to add your postal code, your destination, the trip cost per traveler, plus the departure and return dates. Additionally, the online form asks how many are traveling in your group, everyone’s ages (birthdays), and gender. The last questions on the online form ask about pre-existing medical conditions and if you (or anyone in your travel group) have smoked in the last two years. Finally, you must enter an email address. 

    There’s also an option for you to sign up for emails or newsletters from and member companies. It’s a simple checkmark in a box, and you are also placed in a draw with a chance to win an Amazon gift card valued at $500.

    After you fill out the form and submit it, approximately a dozen travel insurance quotes will pop up. They are listed from lowest in price, to highest. You’ll also receive an email from almost instantly, as a follow-up. Lastly, you are given a “quote reference number”, which is located at the right corner of the page. 

    COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way many view travel: there were a lot of people stuck with “credits” and no refunds when the pandemic and lockdowns first hit. When reviewing travel insurance quotes listed, note that some of the policies include “COVID-19 coverage” and others, do not. 

    There’s also a feature where you can compare plans. When looking at each quote, there’s a check box with the words “Compare Plans” on the right-hand side, under the “Buy Now” button. Check up to three policies, scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit the red button that says, “Click Here to Compare Plans”. You can only compare up to three travel insurance quotes at a time. When you do, more details about each plan are revealed. From deductibles, emergency services, extended health care, dental accident, plus COVID-19, all policy information is laid out so you can review and compare the “pros and cons” of your two to three top travel insurance quote picks. 

    If you do have any questions about a specific policy, there’s a call back number within the email sent to you from The online agent responsible can offer insight and provide advice. You can also call at 1-844-726-0907, and if you have your quote reference number, someone will be able to help answer your questions or redirect your call. 

    Finally, there’s a “modify quote” button at the button of the page. Click on this button and you can change the information in your initial online application, to compare quotes based on different travel details. This function can help you plan your trip and travel insurance.

    It’s important to note that with, there are no hidden fees. You are not obligated to commit to any travel insurance policies while doing your research. Filling out the online form and submitting it, including gaining access to travel insurance quotes, takes about two minutes. Why waste time surfing the web and filling out various online forms for quotes, when there’s one website that can offer the information you need almost instantly?

    For more information, or to receive an instant travel insurance quote, visit Travel Insurance by


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