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Health Insurance Comparison Review

    While Canada’s Universal Healthcare system provides coverage for most health expenses, there are still some costs that are not addressed like prescription drugs and medications for some acute and chronic conditions. Practitioners (i.e. physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.) who help with injury recovery or wellness and medical equipment needed for mobility are generally not covered. Emergency medical assistance when traveling and dental and vision care are also large gaps in the government program.

    These can get quite expensive for individuals and families. That’s why some people look for health insurance to fill these gaps. This is needed especially if you work in a job that doesn’t offer health insurance, are self-employed or freelance, as well as for retirees who lose access to their employer group benefits. 

    Regardless, you’ll want to shop around to find the best health insurance quote. A great resource to help with this is It’s a user-friendly website that offers a quick online application, and instantly provides multiple health insurance quotes from a variety of providers. It does all the leg work when you are looking for health insurance, quickly and easily. Plus, works with a number of reputable insurance companies, including Blue Cross, Manulife, and Green Shield Canada (GSC). There is no commitment when using the website, as it provides this service for free, with no hidden costs.

    Interested in health insurance quotes? Then the first thing to do is log onto Hover over the menu at the top and find the “More Products” option. “Health Insurance” will be a drop-down option, so click on that, and it’ll take you to the online application. 

    The health insurance online form for is a one-pager. You’ll need to provide your postal code and the number of applicants that will be included in the policy. Next, you’ll be asked for the birth date and gender of the eldest applicant. Additional questions include whether or not all applicants under the policy have provincial healthcare coverage, and if you will be leaving a group plan. Lastly, you are asked if any of the applicants have pre-existing medical conditions, and what your email address is.

    Finally, there a checkmark box at the end of the application. You can click on it and gain access to communications from and its member companies. When you opt for this, you are placed in a draw for an opportunity to win an gift card, valued at $500.

    Once you fill out the application and click the “Get Quotes” button, in moments, about 10 to 20 health insurance quotes will pop up, listed from the lowest price to the highest. Click on each quote, and you’re given a good overview of the policy. There is a “Plan Type” feature on the top right-hand corner of the page, too. Next to it, there’s a drop-down menu with five options to choose from. These include group conversion; health, dental, and drugs; health and dental; health and drugs; and basic health. Click on the option for the type of insurance you need; you’ll see that prices vary with each quote offered.

    Importantly, you will be given a quotes reference number, located on the top left-hand side of the page. Take note of this. If you want to move forward with any of the companies, simply hit the black “Buy Now” button on the right-hand corner of the listing. also lets you compare your health insurance quotes. Simply click the “Compare Plan” button on the right side of each listing, and then hit the red button “click here to compare plans” below all the quotes. You can compare up to three quotes at a time. You can also change the details of your original application to see how prices might change. This button for this is also below the list of health insurance quotes and is labeled “Modify Quote”.

    If you have questions or require additional information, you can reach out to via phone or email. Ensure you have your quotes number with you so that the agent can better serve you.


    Christopher - BSc, MBA

    With over two decades of combined Big 5 Banking and Agency experience, Christopher launched Underbanked® to cut through the noise and complexity of financial information. Christopher has an MBA degree from McMaster University and BSc. from Western University in Canada.

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