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RBC Avion® Visa Infinite Review

    RBC’s Avion Visa Infinite provides clients with the ability to collect RBC Rewards points to redeem for gift cards, merchandise, RBC Financial Rewards vouchers (including placing credit back on their Visa), and charitable donations. These RBC points can also be used towards travel. In fact, they can be redeemed for any flight, at any time, with any air carrier. There are no blackout dates or restrictions on seats. Points can also be placed towards cruises, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. RBC Rewards can be redeemed instantly via the program’s website.

    The limited-time welcome offer provides new clients with 35,000 bonus RBC Rewards points, which equals a value of about $750. The good news is that these points don’t expire, and can be placed towards future travel.  Earning rewards is easy with the RBC Avion® Visa Infinite. One RBC point is collected for every dollar spent, as well as an added 25% on eligible travel-related charges. In addition, customers are given the opportunity to earn points faster and save money through the RBC Offers initiative that provides exclusive discounts and ways to collect bonus points.

    When this credit card is linked to a Petro-Canada Petro-Points customer loyalty card, clients save 3 cents per litre when purchasing gas at participating stations. An added 20% can be collected in Petro-Points too. Linking Rexall’s customer loyalty cards can help clients earn added Be Well points. Clients earn 50 points for every $1 spent on eligible products in this store.

    The RBC Avion® Visa Infinite also provides cardholders extensive insurance protection. Coverage includes Mobile Device Insurance (up to $1,500), Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption, Travel Accident, Emergency Medical, Flight Delay, Hotel/Motel Burglary, Car Rental Collision/Loss Damage, as well as Emergency Purchase, Extended Warranty and Purchase Security.

    Another perk to spotlight is the Visa Infinite program. Cardholders can access exclusive special offers around luxury dining, shopping, and sporting events, as well as hotel accommodations. It includes Visa Infinite’s Complimentary Concierge service that assists clients 24/7 with travel plans, restaurant reservations, and so much more.

    The annual fee for the RBC Avion Infinite is $120, with the cost of an additional card at $50. The minimum personal income requirement to apply is set at $60,000, while a household income of $100,000 is needed.

    The welcome offer is the same for this Visa, set at 35,000 RBC Reward points. Clients gain access to the same benefits with Petro-Canada and Rexall loyalty points too. Point redemption for merchandise, travel, financial vouchers, etc. remains the same.

    A step up from the above credit card is the RBC Avion Infinite Privilege. While the annual fee is significantly higher at $399 each year, with the secondary card costing $99, the added benefits and perks could be worth it to some clients.

    There are  also no blackout dates or seat restrictions when booking flights with your RBC Rewards. As well, clients open doors to exclusive offers thanks to the Visa Infinite program, as well as savings and discounts through RBC Offers.

    The big difference is in the amount of rewards a customer can collect. With the Avion Visa Privilege, clients collect 1.25 RBC points for every $1 charged to the credit card. Plus, cardholders can earn RBC Rewards bonus points when travel is booked through CWT Vacations, or when purchases are made with their Visa at select retailers. 

    Added travel perks with this Visa include access to fast-track lanes at airport security, airport lounges across the globe, and parking privileges at select airports across Canada. Plus, in addition to the insurance coverage above, with RBC’s Avion Privilege Visa, customers get Lost or Stolen Baggage Insurance. For those who travel extensively for business or pleasure, the above can equal  a significant benefit.

    The annual income requirement for this credit card is $200,000 for both personal and household incomes.

    Lastly, there’s RBC’s Avion Visa Platinum credit card. It’s very similar to the standard RBC Avion Visa: it includes the same “welcome offer”, insurance coverage, Petro-Canada/Rexall bonus points, Visa Infinite program access, and how clients earn and redeem points, as well as annual and secondary cardholder fees.

    With that said, there are some minor distinctions between the two cards. While customers earn 1 RBC Rewards point for every $1 charged on the credit card, Platinum Visa cardholders can also collect bonus points when purchasing at select retailers. Plus, there are no minimum income requirements when applying for this credit card.

    For more information on all three Visa Avion products, or to apply, visit RBC Avion® Visa Infinite.


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