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Express Credit Card Review

    Express, Inc. is a well-known American fashion retailer, with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. With over 640 stores in operation throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, this publicly traded retailer now caters to both male and female customers – after the company expanded to a dual-gender format in 2001. Express retails fashion clothing in a variety of styles. Their custom lines include designer denim (such as the Zelda, Zach, and Stella styles of Express Jeans) and the King of Prides collection.

    The Express Credit Card

    This store credit card offers unique and valuable benefits to shoppers who love Express clothing. This is a retail charge account, which means it cannot be used outside of Express stores, but the rewards are worthwhile, especially for an avid customer of the brand.

    As a rewards-based credit product, customers earn 20 points for every one dollar spent and charged on their Express card. They receive a $10 reward to redeem for every 2,500 points collected; $125 must be spent for access to rewards. Cardholders also get a yearly birthday gift from Express, valued at $20, and are provided with exclusive sales, offers, and promotions throughout the year.

    The “welcome offer” for the credit card is 20% off the first purchase after opening an Express Credit Card account.

    Customers, who can work their way to the A-List, unleash even more value! They receive all the above benefits, plus a $40 annual birthday gift from Express each year, free shipping on online orders, a $15 redeemable reward after spending $125 and collect 2,500 in points. To hit “A-List” status with the Express Credit Card, clients must spend $375 annually on their credit card, which equals out to 7,500 points. These can be earned via a combination of bonus point offers and purchases.

    Express also makes it easy for clients to manage and maintain their in-store credit card account, plus shop, review transactions, and look at their points collected, via their mobile app. ExpressAccess can be found on either Google Play or the App Store, and easily downloaded on to most Android or Apple devices.

    Points can be redeemed for either a “Program Coupon” or “Rewards Certificate” once a customer hits the specific points threshold needed to claim a reward. Rewards certificates can be used along with other Express offers and coupons. 

    How to Sign Up for an Express Credit Card

    Signing up online is easy. Complete the application in a matter of minutes and get online approval right away. Simply follow the link below to head directly to the Express application portal. You should get application approval for this credit card within moments.

    For more information, visit Express Credit Card.


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