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Sam’s Club MasterCard (Sam’s Savings / Sam’s Business) Review

    Sam’s Club is a well-recognized brand throughout the U.S. Owned and operated by Walmart, this retailer is a membership-only discount club and is one of the largest retailers in the country. As one might expect, Sam’s Club was founded by Sam Walton (also the founder of Walmart) in 1983 and has since grown to include over 600 stores that serve 47 million members. Sam’s Club carries many of the same products as the typical grocery store or department store, albeit often in bulk quantities or sizes. Their original business model was aimed toward small businesses, with plans to serve as a B2B distributor of bulk goods to other stores or offices.

    This changed over time, and in 2006, Sam’s Club changed its slogan to reflect its growing focus on the individual consumer. “We Are In Business for Small Business” became “Enjoy the Possibilities,” which then changed to, “Savings Made Simple”, and progression in this new direction has been steady since.

    The Sam’s Club Credit Card and Sam’s Club Mastercard

    This warehouse store gives customers the option of using their Sam’s Club credit card, or Sam’s Club MasterCard for their purchases, both offering incredible benefits with no annual fee.

    Both credit card options allow cardholders to earn reward bonuses with 1% cash back on any purchases made at Sam’s Club or Walmart, either in-store or online. They also both act as a customer’s Sam’s Club membership card. With that said, there are some major differences between the two.

    One noticeable difference is that your Sam’s Club in-store credit card can only be used at Sam’s Club and Walmart locations, while the Mastercard option can be used virtually anywhere the provider is accepted, which includes millions of retailers worldwide. You earn 5% cash back on fuel (up to $6,000 back each year, and then it drops to 1%), 3% cash back on dining and travel, and 1% on anything else that is charged on the Mastercard. There are zero foreign transaction fees for this credit card, and it also entitles cardholders to identity theft resolution services, extended warranty coverage, as well as price and purchase protection. Being a Mastercard member opens the doors to other benefits like travel protection, as well as personal assistance features, and special offers from the card company.

    There is usually a sign-up bonus opportunity to take advantage of when applying for either of these credit cards, and the most recent one is a $55 credit on your Sam’s Club credit account to be used up within 30 days. This “welcome offer” only extends to new accounts.

    The account can be managed and maintained online, by registering it on the Sam Club’s website. View your statements, check out your rewards balance, and make payments with a few clicks of a keyboard.

    How to Sign Up for a Sam’s Club Credit Card or Sam’s Club MasterCard

    The easiest way to apply for these credit cards is through the online application form on the Sam’s Club website. Application takes only a few minutes, and you should get your approval right away! You can begin right now by following the link below:

    For more information, visit Sam’s Club MasterCard.


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