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Rooms to Go Credit Card Review

    Rooms to Go operates over 200 stores, located mostly throughout the southeast United States. This chain of furniture stores has been operating since 1990 when Jeffrey and Morty Seaman sold the Seaman Furniture Company to begin this new venture. According to recent statistics, Rooms to Go is one of the largest retailers of its kind nationwide. Since 1990, Rooms to Go’s product philosophy has revolved around offering furniture in complete room sets. This business model is geared toward consumers who wish to save both time and money when furnishing their home, and who also don’t wish to compromise on quality.  

    Rooms to Go Credit Card

    Purchasing furniture can be expensive, even with low prices like those offered by this retailer. With that said, Rooms to Go makes it easier by offering a credit card with special financing options. This is a retail store card, so the credit product can only be used to purchase merchandise from Rooms to Go; however, the ability to finance these purchases goes a long way.

    Cardholders may be offered special financing promotions through their credit card from time to time. Typical offers include no-interest financing for a specific period, requiring only the payment of tax and delivery up front.

    Rooms to Go also offers other credit payment options for customers to help ease the shopping experience, and these differ between online and in-store shopping. Along with the Rooms to Go credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as the Discovery Card are accepted when making purchases in the store. There’s also Acceptance NOW, which is a lease-to-own possibility and requires an application to be conducted and approval process.

    When it comes to online shopping, payments can be made from the above credit cards (minus Acceptance NOW), as well as your PayPal account, Affirm, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, and Genesis Credit.

    Lastly, Room to Go gift cards are happily accepted as payment when you shop online or in-store. Before you start shopping, check out the Rooms to Go app, for any potential coupons, deals, or other offers.

    How to Apply for a Rooms to Go Credit Card

    While you can apply for a Rooms to Go credit card in one of their stores, it is more convenient to apply online and avoid the wait. Applying takes only a few moments and you can find out if you are approved right away. Simply fill out the form and press the “submit” button. It’s that easy!

    For more information, visit Rooms to Go Credit Card.


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