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American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card Review

    American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is a widely popular clothing and accessories retailer based out of the United States. While mainly catering to college students, AEO is also worn extensively by older adults. The company was originally founded in 1977 with the first store opening at the Twelve Oaks Mall in Michigan. AEO sells a full range of casual clothing and accessories. Some of their most popular items include low-rise jeans, swimwear, hoodies, cargo shorts, graphic tees, and sweats.

    American Eagle Credit Card Offers

    If you are a frequent shopper at AEO and their sister store Aerie, then you may want to consider getting an AE Credit Card. Getting approved will automatically enroll you in their RealRewards points program. Every dollar spent at AEO or Aerie earns you a total of 15 RealRewards points when charged on the credit card, and you unlock access to a $5 reward at these stores once you hit 1,250 points. Cardholders also get exclusive promotions and deals, annual birthday coupons, 20% off their first purchase on the credit card (plus 10% off future spending at the store), and are offered six cardholder sale events annually, where they can save even more money. AE credit card users get free shipping when online shopping, access to free returns, plus, 2x the points when they make jean purchases.

    There’s also a level up of rewards points for those who charge $350 annually on their card. These cardholders are given access to 20 points per dollar spent at AEO or Aerie stores and earn 25% off purchases when used on their birthday.

    With all the benefits that come with card ownership, there is no reason to refrain from signing up and taking advantage of all the great deals. Especially if you are a frequent shopper at AEO and Aerie!

    In addition, this card gives clients a revolving line of credit, which means you can carry a balance from month to month. Expect an APR of roughly 25%, which is quite common for most retail store cards.

    If you are interested in a more traditional credit card that can be used at other stores, instead of solely at AEO/Aerie, you can also apply for the American Eagle Visa card. It is a bit more difficult to get approved; however, it does offer greater flexibility. It also comes with the full array of standard Visa benefits, not to mention 5 RealRewards points whenever you use it outside of AEO and Aerie.

    How to Apply for an American Eagle Card

    Fill out an application online to get started. Upon approval, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your new AEO card within days (or immediately, if you are shopping online!)

    View more information about the American Eagle Credit Card (AEO Credit Card).


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