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Sportsman’s Guide Reward Visa Card Review

    Many outdoor enthusiasts are familiar with the Sportsman’s Guide brand, particularly hunters and anglers who enjoy the wide variety of products in its catalogs. The retailer is almost entirely catalog- and website-based. They have been doing this since its inception in 1970. The first catalog was mailed out by the company in 1976 and was a single page only. Since those days, the catalog has expanded considerably, with over 80 editions mailed out annually.  Sportsman’s Guide began with a single product: a trophy patch designed for their customers’ hunting jackets. Over the years, the company has expanded its product line exponentially, and now carries a plethora of outdoor sporting supplies. Their catalog even includes ammunition, gardening items, as well as truck and SUV accessories. 

    Advantages of the Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Rewards Visa Card

    Sportsman’s Guide offers a Rewards Visa to its Buyer’s Club members only, which provides plenty of incredible bonuses, perks, and discounts. First off, cardholders save up to 12.5% on purchases when using this credit card, which includes 7.5% when it comes to guns and ammo items. You earn an additional $40 rewards certificate that can be used on any Sportsman’s Guide products as a “welcome offer” when you charge an additional $500, outside of Sportsman’s Guide purchases, within the first 90 days of opening your Visa account. In addition to the discounts outlined above, cardholders of this Rewards Visa earn 1% back in rewards when they use this credit card on other purchases, outside of Sportsman’s Guide. The card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, and your rewards can be redeemed for certificates for future Sportsman’s Guide purchases. Cardholders also get an added 2.5% off on every Sportsman Guide purchase when charged to the Rewards Visa. 

    There is no annual fee attached to this credit card, and you can maintain and manage your account online. That includes viewing your statement, checking out rewards earned, and making payments.

    Not a Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club member? Joining this “club” certainly offers a vast array of benefits, and it is a smarter way to shop if you are an avid fan of this company and its products. Not only can you apply and gain access to the Rewards Visa card listed above, being a Buyer’s Club member offers many other advantages.

    As a Sportsman’s Buyer’s Club member, you enjoy free standard shipping on purchases of $49+. In addition, you get a discount of 10% on gear, as well as 5% on ammo and gun purchases. You also gain access to “Bullseye Deals”, exclusive for members only. Buyer’s Club memberships cost $49.99, annually, or you can join their three-month “starter” club intro for only $9.99. 

    How to Sign Up for a Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Rewards Visa Card

    You can apply for your Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Rewards Visa card within minutes and find out if you’re approved shortly after you fill out the form. The link is below, and the process is quick and easy! Plus, you can start using your Visa and collecting rewards as soon as you get approved!

    For more information, visit Sportsman’s Guide Buyer’s Club Rewards Visa Card.


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