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Scotiabank SCENE® VISA Credit Card Review

    Do you love movies? Going to the cinema to catch the latest, hottest movie is a passion for millions of Canadians. You could spend your hard-earned money to get the tickets you need… or you could let your money work harder for you by being approved for the SCENE VISA card. What is SCENE? It’s an exclusive membership that lets you earn points when purchasing movie tickets and concession combos. The more movies you see, the more movies you can see for free with SCENE!

    What Makes SCENE Different?

    The SCENE VISA is different than other rewards cards because it embraces your passion without robbing your accounts through high fees to pay for those rewards. SCENE is even free of annual fees and that includes additional card holders! For purchases, it’s just a 19.99% APR. For cash advances, you’ll have a 21.99% APR. Compare these APRs and you’ll see that for a rewards card, they are highly competitive – and most other rewards cards have annual fees on top of these interest rates!


    Free movies and more
    SCENE® VISA Card Application

    The SCENE VISA Gets You To All Your Favorite Movies

    You also get massive points that build up fast. Many rewards programs give you 1 point for ever $1 spent and you’ll get that on all purchases with the SCENE card. All purchases, that is, except for money that you spend at qualifying Cineplex Entertainment theatres. You’ll earn an incredible 5 points for every dollar spent, which means seeing just 5 movies with two tickets and a concession combo could be enough to earn a reward!

    Get 2,000 Points Upon Approval!

    SCENE wants to make sure you understand how lucrative this line of credit is immediately because you’ll get a fantastic 2,000 points when approved for this exclusive club. That’s enough to go see two movies for free and it’s just your reward for getting this line of credit in the first place! You can even purchase concessions with your rewards points as well!

    It doesn’t stop at just movies. Maybe you want to catch a live WWE event. Those events start at just 1,200 points! Music downloads, movie downloads, night out packages, and even dining rewards are all included with SCENE rewards as well, starting at just 1,500 points for some rewards! If being out on the scene is where you love to be after a long day, then SCENE is what you need!

    Is This Credit Card Right For You?

    If you love going out to see a movie, then your rewards will build up quickly with the SCENE card. It is difficult to ignore the 5 points for every $1 spent at Cineplex Entertainment theatres, but if you do not live close by such a theatre, then the SCENE card may not be the best rewards card for you.

    With plenty of movies and other entertainment options as rewards and even online training videos to help you maximize your points that you earn, we feel Scotiabank has knocked it out of the park with this great card.
    If you love rewards and need a line of credit, this is definitely a card worth considering.

    Free movies and more
    • 2,000 bonus SCENE points – that’s two free movies
    • Earn one SCENE point for every dollar you spend
    • Earn five SCENE points for every dollar you spend at participating Cineplex Entertainment theatres or online at


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