Scotiabank® American Express® Credit Card Review

Almost every business accepts American Express credit cards, and customer up until now, haven’t held one that was handed out by Scotiabank.

Not only does this card give you the convenience of American Express in your wallet, but you furthermore profit from lucrative points with every buying purchase you make.

You can really earn travel rewards up to 4 times faster than other cards and use those rewards to pay for travel journeys, hotel stays, cruises, or your dream vacation bundle!

Earn up to 4 times

For every dollar you spend on this credit card, you’ll get 4 points back in return when you make purchases on gas, nourishment, dining, or amusement.

You can select a combination of points and cash if you’re just a little short on the rewards you desire. Best of all, this borrowing card from Scotiabank boasts discounted rates and exceptional amenities to help coordinate with journey.

Don’t overlook the exclusive and complimentary concierge services! Or the 24/7 trip agency that will help you book your imminent holiday for a highly economical and competitive rate!

What Are the Rates For This Card?

The Scotiabank Gold American Express boasts up to 21 day grace period on all purchases.

This means you can avoid interest charges if you pay off your card inside the grace period, yet you still get the rewards for utilizing the card!
For balances that convey over from the grace time span, all purchases are subject to a 19.99% APR, while money advances or cheques that are in writing on the account are subject to a 21.99% APR. Interest rates are subject to change at any time.

There is a $99 annual fee for this card, in addition to an added $29 charge for additional authorized cards that you allow on the account. Though the fees are a little higher than other credit cards, the advantages obtained are spectacular and you gain access to American Express permitting you to take advantage of exceptional offers from all over the country that are exclusive to constituents of this program.

Don’t overlook Travelers Insurance
If you are using the Scotiabank Gold American Express card to travel, don’t waste more cash on the purchase of Travelers insurance. encompassed with your account is up to 25 days of health coverage while you’re discovering new countries.

Earn travel rewards up to 2x faster
• Earn 2x Scotia Rewards points for every $1 you spend at gas stations, grocery stores, on dining and entertainment
• Earn one point on all other eligible purchases
• Extraordinary travel benefits
• Flexible Point Redemption
• Comprehensive travel insurance


Earn travel rewards up to 2x faster
Scotiabank American Express Card Application