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No-Fee Scotiabank Value® VISA card Review

    Canada has many different credit cards today that offer the same promise: to help pay off your day to day debts rapidly. But… many of the options available are topped up with undisclosed charges that come in after the introductory time span expires costing consumers even a greater amount of money. You may move loan account balances, starting as low as a five hundred dollar credit limit that you have at other financial institutions, to the No Fee credit card offered by The Bank of Nova Scotia and save money due to the low intro percentage rate.

    Money can be saved With an Introductory 3.99%

    If you can not pay off the balance within the 6 month introductory time period, there is an APR of 16.99% on balances on this charge credit card, that is lower than many credit cards that offer similar features.. You also get a twenty one day grace period on items purchased and the best feature of all, is that there is no annual charge.

    Discount Card Rentals At AVIS

    When you are making a purchase at AVIS discount car rentals, show your VISA card and you will save 20% from your car rental charge.

    Accessing Your Account Is Easy

    This card is accepted at over 1 million ABMs around the world that brandish the VISA/PLUS logo, including over 55,000 ABMs that brandish the INTERAC logo in Canada. You can also write a cheque to another credit card provider to transfer your balance.


    Scotiabank No-Fee Value VISA card
    No-Fee Scotiabank Value® VISA card Application


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