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University of Alberta Alumni Credit Card Review

    School pride is often more than just hanging a degree on the wall after you graduate or attending an athletic event here or there to support the Golden Bears and the Pandas. Being an alumni of the University of Alberta means you’ve got a very large and extended family, as well as an alumni association, that has your back. You’ve become part of something special. Because of this, many alumni choose to give back in many different ways to the U of A. An easy way to increase that support you’re giving is to use the alumni credit card that is provided by MBNA as an affinity partner of the university.

    When you make a purchase with this credit card, a portion of that purchase is designated to an alumni or student program. You’ve got two lines of credit available to you as part of this benefit: a rewards MasterCard or a Platinum Plus MasterCard.

    Who Can Apply For the University of Alberta Alumni Card?

    This is the most exciting part about this unique alumni benefit. Once you graduate, your family and friends all become eligible to apply for one of these credit cards so they can begin to support your alma mater as well. It’s an easy way for everyone to do a lot for the student and alumni programs that can make a real difference in local communities throughout Canada.

    There are only two restrictions in place, beyond being an alumni of the school, to apply for this MBNA credit card. You must either be living in Canada or have a permanent Canadian address. In return, you’ll receive an exceptional level of guaranteed support with this card because MBNA and the U of A have worked together to create a high quality benefit that helps everyone.

    What You Receive With This Alumni Benefit

    MBNA Rewards card: A 1.99% AIR on balance transfers for up to 10 statement cycles. 1 MBNA rewards point for every $1 spent on eligible purchases. A bonus of 1,000 reward points after your first eligible purchase. Redemption options for travel, merchandise, gift cards, charitable donations, and much more.

    MBNA Platinum Plus: A 0% promotional AIR on balance transfers for up to 10 statement cycles. Receive 24/7 customer service access. Cash access is available through over 1 million ATMs in Canada and around the world. Chip and PIN technology and PayPass are also included for a higher level of personal security.

    The University of Alberta Alumni Association has worked with MBNA to develop this program so that all alumni and their family and friends can benefit and help show school pride at the same time. There are additional fees that may be associated with this program and rates are subject to change, but one thing that won’t change is that every purchase lets you support the green and gold.

    If you’d like to know more about the University of Alberta Alumni Credit Card, the U of A has created an alumni benefits page just for you.


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