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University of Saskatchewan Alumni Credit Card Review

    Thanks to a negotiated partnership between the University of Saskatchewan alumni association and BMO, all alumni qualify to apply for a line of credit which comes with some unique benefits. You can choose whether to earn cash back with your purchases or earn Air Miles rewards. There are also extra awards available through Alama, National Car Rental, and Shell with this alumni card. The best part? A percentage of each dollar spent using this line of credit goes back to provide financial assistance to the alumni and student programs at the University of Saskatchewan.

    You can choose from fee free credit cards or a line of credit with enhanced rewards, but each option provides support to the university.

    What Comes With This Alumni Benefit?

    The BMO alumni card for the University of Saskatchewan is part of a complete package of benefits that are available to all graduates. You have access to Buy 1, Get 1 Free classified ads in the student newspaper, access to exclusive insurance programs, and access to campus services.

    If you pay for these benefits with your new University of Saskatchewan alumni credit card, then not only does the purchase itself benefit your alma mater, but you’ll also be giving back an additional portion to support programs like the Scholarships for Children of Alumni. Carry this credit card with your alumni card and you’ll be able to access the gym with a paid membership, borrow books at any U of S Library with an added barcode, and have identification for all of your alumni benefits and services.

    One of the programs being supported by this unique opportunity is for the children of alumni scholarship program. As of now, there is $1,750 in scholarships available through the partnerships the alumni association has negotiated for which only children of graduates are eligible to apply.

    What If I Haven’t Graduated Yet?

    BMO has also offered a credit card with a similar program for current students. It’s also co-branded with SPC, so you can receive exclusive discounts and perks as you show your Huskie pride.

    What If I Already Have a BMO Credit Card?

    If you’d like to start supporting the University of Saskatchewan as an alumnus by having a portion of each dollar spent go back to the school, but already have a BMO MasterCard, then the process to switch to the alumni card is simple. Just call 1 (800) 263-2263. Then tell the customer service representative that you’d like to switch your account to this alumni account.

    There are many ways that you can give back to the U of S after you graduate. Many alumni offer annual gifts to the university. Others show their Huskie pride by volunteering their time on campus in a variety of ways. This alumni credit card opportunity just enhances what you’ve already decided to do on a scale that is comfortable for your current situation.

    If you’d like to know more about this alumni benefit or to see what specific fees or rates may apply, visit the U of S alumni page at University of Saskatchewan Alumni Credit Card.


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