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Athabasca University Alumni Credit Card Review

    Athabasca University is open and online so that it becomes easier than ever before to get the degree that you need. Whether it’s an undergraduate program, a graduate degree, or a professional certification that is needed, the myAU Portal has made it easy for students all over Canada to become alumni of this distinguished institution. Giving back to this school as an alumnus now is just as easy as it was to get your degree or certificate thanks to this new program offered by MBNA.

    It’s a credit card that helps you to give back to Athabasca University every time you use it. Choose from either the Platinum Plus MasterCard or a standard line of credit and then, every time you make a qualifying purchase, you’ll be able to support AU Student Awards. It’s really that easy for you and your family to support your alma mater.

    What Do the AU Student Awards Support?

    By using the Athabasca University credit card by MBNA, you’ll be contributing to the numerous undergraduate and graduate scholarships and awards that are open to student applications every year. Maybe you benefited from one or more of these monetary awards when you were enrolled in classes at the school. Some of these awards are based on a student’s career goals. Others encourage volunteering or being actively engaged in the community.

    There are also scholarships and awards that take the financial needs of a student into account. When you’re using the Athabasca University credit card, you’re creating more opportunities for students. It’s a positive cycle.

    What You Get with the Athabasca University Credit Card

    Here are a few of the details of this alumni offer from Athabasca University and MBNA .

    • New account holders receive a 0% balance transfer AIR on transfers made in the first 90 days for 10 full monthly cycles.

    • Standard rates for this line of credit include a 16.99% AIR on purchases, an 18.99% AIR for balance transfers after the promotional rate ends, and a 24.9%% AIR on cash advances.

    • There is no annual fee associated with this account.

    Being an alumni of Athabasca University comes with a number of advantages. You receive online library privileges. You qualify for special rates on your home and auto insurance needs. AU also offers you Career Cruising assistance through the myAU Portal. This allows the degree or certificate you earned to keep giving back.

    Many alumni enjoy giving back to their alma mater in some way. This MBNA offer is an easy way to enhance whatever efforts you may already be making to support the AU Student Awards. If you’re interested in exploring the benefits Athabasca University has developed with community partners to support their alumni, you’ll be able to find more information through the link below.

    View more information about the Athabasca University Alumni Credit Card.


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