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Canadore College Alumni Credit Card Review

    Located in North Bay , Ontario, Canadore College helped you with their vocational courses so you could break into business, plumbing, or another trade-related career.. If you’ve graduated from this wonderful academic program, but still cheer for the Panthers on a regular basis, then you might want to give something back now that you’re an alumnus of this school. MBNA offers you a way to begin giving back to the school that has given you so much.

    When approved for the Canadore College credit card, you’ll be able to give back to your school while potentially saving money with every purchase thanks to the low rates that are offered.

    That’s right. Your purchases help MBNA make contributions that can support the TV and broadcasting center, apprenticeships, and help the current student body get started with their career. It’s an easy way to show Panther pride.

    How Low Is the AIR for the Canadore College Credit Card?

    If approved for the Canadore College credit card, then you’ll receive a line of credit which offers a 0% balance transfer option for any transfers made within 90 days. This promotional AIR will remain in effect for 10 statement periods as long as the account is kept current. If a minimum payment is late more than once within 12 consecutive months, then the promotional rates may be replaced by standard or penalty rates instead.

    • Standard rates for purchases is 16.99% AIR.
    • Balance transfers or access cheques: 18.99% AIR.
    • Cash advances in any location: 24.99% AIR.

    All applicants approved for the Canadore College credit card will also receive a 21 day grace period on purchases made. Cash advances or balance transfers do not quality for this grace period.

    No annual fee is associated with this account.

    There are a lot of ways you can be active as an alumnus. As you can see, this is an easy way to supplement what you’re already doing to support your alma mater.

    Does the Canadore College Credit Card Have Rewards?

    Unfortunately MBNA has not extended their rewards program to include the Canadore College credit card. What you do get upon approval is the opportunity to have immediate cash access through a network of ATMs throughout Canada that is 1 million strong and growing. You’ll also receive enhanced identity protections with your new credit card thanks to PayPass and updated Chip and PIN technologies.

    You even get to save a full 3% AIR compared to other credit cards with similar alumni offers on every purchase as long as your account remains in good standing with MBNA Canada. Customer service and fraud protection with the Canadore College credit card are also available 24/7.

    Your alumnus status can help you give back in a variety of ways. This is just one way to enhance your support. The college’s alumni page has a few more details about this offer if you think it might be a fun way to get more involved.

    View more details about Canadore College Alumni Credit Card.


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