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Western University Alumni Credit Card Review

    You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned the degree you’ve always wanted and now you’re working to build up your career. Attending university has helped you be where you want to be and now you’re ready to start giving back. As an alumnus of Western University, there is a way you can do just that with either the Western University or Western Mustangs MasterCard. How does a credit card make you a more active alumni?

    It’s because every eligible purchase allows you to support the more than 2,000 research projects going on at Western thanks to contributions provided by MBNA. You get to support current students and their Residence Life Programming to give them similar opportunities to your own. You also get to help fund innovative advancements like the Richard Ivey School of Business because of one simple credit card.

    It really is that easy to show the world what it means to be a Mustang.

    Why Choose the Western University MasterCard?

    The Western University MasterCard credit card opportunity allows you to be able to support alumni programs or student programs with your normal every day spending. If approved for this credit card, you’ll be able to take advantage of these additional benefits once your line of credit is received.

    • A promotional AIR [Annual Interest Rate] of 1.99% on balance transfers for up to 10 months.
    • For every $1 spent on your new Western University or Western Mustangs credit card, you’ll receive 1 MBNA point that can be collected and turned in for a number of exciting rewards.
    • After you make your first eligible purchase, you’ll receive 1,000 bonus MBNA points.

    What is available for rewards with your Western University or Western Mustangs MasterCard from MBNA? You can redeem points on an eligible account for cash back, travel benefits, gift cards from some of Canada’s top retailers, or even make charitable donations with them. Even your family and friends can get involved with this opportunity if they want.

    Being a Mustang is something that you carry with you for life. This is an easy way to help many others feel that Mustang pride.

    Do You Quality For Platinum Plus?

    Some applicants for the Western University or Western MasterCard may qualify through MBNA to have a “Platinum Plus” line of credit. If approved for this type of credit card, then you have the opportunity to experience several more benefits.

    • Instead of a 1.99% AIR on balance transfers for 10 months, Platinum Plus members qualify for a 0% promotional AIR.
    • Receive access to cash advances from your line of credit through a network of over 1 million ATMs throughout the world.
    • Improve account security and identity protection thanks to Chip and PIN technologies, including PayPass.

    There is no annual fee when approved for a Western University or Western Mustangs MasterCard. A 19.99% AIR is assigned for purchases and a 24.99% AIR for cash advances. After the promotional AIR, the balance transfers have a rate of 21.99%.

    How the Western University MasterCard Works

    Every time you make an eligible purchase with the Western University or Western Mustangs MasterCard, MBNA will contribute a portion of the funds spent to your alumni association. This allows you to support several student or alumni initiatives while pursuing your own opportunities. At the same time, you receive access to 24/7 customer service, fraud protections that are active at all hours of the day, and access to a helpful line of credit to enhance your finances.

    Credit Card Western Alumni

    Western University has more than 100 years of history supporting its students and alumni in many facets of life. With MBNA, this is another exciting opportunity.

    View more information about the Western University MasterCard.


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