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McGill University Alumni Credit Card Review

    One of the first things you learn about at McGill University are the 10 points of pride. Numerous firsts have happened at this school, such as the first map of the brain’s motor cortex. Plexiglas was invented here. There are 139 Rhodes Scholars counted among their ranks. Alumni live in 180+ countries. Degrees from this institution are considered some of the most prestigious in the world.

    Attending McGill University opens up doors for your future. Once you’ve graduated, you may wish to give back to this school in some way to help others have similar opportunities. One of the fastest and easiest ways that you can start to give back is to use the McGill University MasterCard.

    How the McGill University Credit Card Helps You Give Back

    Just as the Martlet must always be soaring high, your ability to give back soars because every credit purchase becomes eligible for a donation to the alumni and student initiatives taking place right now. McGill University has worked with MBNA to create two exciting opportunities to help you expand your support for the Redmen and the Marlets.

    You can choose to have a rewards card from MBNA or a platinum credit card. Both opportunities provide donations to McGill University in the same way. The donations are automatic and never compromise your privacy or safety. MBNA simply makes the contribution based on a percentage of each purchase you make.

    Why This Gives You an Advantage

    Some lenders or card providers might use this kind of program to initiate higher interest rates or larger fees, but not MBNA. McGill University has negotiated some very competitive rates for each of these opportunities. Here are some examples.

    •  Balance Transfer Promotions: If you choose the rewards card, then you’ll receive a 1.99% promotional AIR for 10 months. If you choose the platinum card, then you receive a 0% promotional AIR instead.

    •  Enhanced Security. Both credit cards are equipped with modern chip and PIN technologies to create more protections for your identity. Each card is also equipped with PayPass.

    •  No Annual Fee. Even though you can earn rewards, there isn’t an annual fee associated with this opportunity. The same is true for the platinum alumni card as well.

    This MasterCard opportunity is in addition to the other benefits that alumni receive at McGill University. You can even use this credit card, once approved, to pay for the other discounts, perks, and career resources that have been made available to you. This means you can support your school as an alumnus in multiple ways just by doing what you’re already doing right now.

    McGill University has developed a strong global reputation as a leader in educational opportunities. The alumni association has created a similar reputation with offers such as these. If you’d like to find out more about this credit card opportunity, the school has created a page just for you so you can see if this would be something that could help you meet your giving goals.

    View McGill University Alumni Credit Card.


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