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Memorial University Alumni Credit Card Review

    Newfoundland is a land of plentiful opportunity. Memorial University exemplifies this with a variety of opportunities, such as the industry training offered by The Marine Institute or the certificates and diplomas available through the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Distance education courses have made it possible for anyone around the world to experience the benefits of being an alumni of MU.

    One of those benefits happens to be the Memorial University alumni credit card. Offered by MBNA, it’s more than an opportunity to show your school pride when you’re purchasing something. It’s a way for you to give back to the school in a meaningful way.

    How the Memorial University Credit Card Works

    MBNA has offered alumni of MU two different credit card options: a rewards card or a Platinum Plus card. This allows you to choose the best line of credit for your needs while still being able to access the giving benefits these cards are able to provide. You see, the spending you put onto this credit card converts into a donation percentage that MBNA will make to Memorial University on your behalf.

    What you buy every day can become another way for you to support the student and alumni initiatives that are currently happening at Memorial University. Whether you graduated from one of the 450+ online courses currently offered or you have a PhD from one of the school’s interdisciplinary programs, you qualify to apply for this card. So does your family. This way you can continue to help future students have the same program options over the four campuses and the online portal that you had.

    Some Details About the Memorial University Credit Card

    Affinity partnerships are taken very seriously by the alumni association at MU. The goal is to provide alumni with exclusive discounted rates or local high quality services so that there are numerous advantages to graduating from this school. These credit cards from MBNA offer some exiting opportunities.

    • Receive bonus rewards points on your first eligible purchase that can be redeemed in numerous ways if you choose the alumni rewards credit card.
    • Receive a 0% introductory AIR on balance transfers if you choose the Platinum Plus alumni card.
    • Gain access to cash access at over 1 million ATMs around the world, along with chip and PIN enhanced security.

    This is in addition to other benefits offered with this line of credit, such as a competitive AIR and 21 day grace period on purchases, account access cheques, and no annual account fee.

    Many alumni enjoy using the MU credit card from MBNA because it’s an easy way to show their Sea-hawk pride. It’s also an easy way to enhance your contributions to the various alumni programs that are currently under way. If you’d like to explore this opportunity to give back in more detail, Memorial University has put together a page that can help you determine if this is a good way for you to get more involved.

    View more about Memorial University Alumni Credit Card.


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