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Choice Privileges® Visa® Card Review

    Imagine being able to explore and travel without having to spend any money on your lodging. All you’ve got to do is be approved for the Choice Privileges Visa Card that is presented by Barclay’s. You don’t have to pack a tent and head out into the backcountry to make that a reality! When you make your first qualifying purchase at a Choice location, you can earn up to 32,000 bonus points that can be redeemed for free nights at over 4,200 locations.

    What are you waiting for? If you love to travel and see amazing things, then this credit card can help you save money every day.

    Why Choose the Choice Privileges Credit Card?

    There’s one primary reason to choose this credit card today: you get more for FREE. It all begins with the 15 points you’ll get for every eligible $1 spent at Choice Privileges locations. You’ll also get 5 points for every dollar you spend if you purchase gift cards for Choice products. You even get double points on your daily purchases so that you’re always able to earn rewards when you’re out on the road. With your first purchase, it is possible to earn enough points for 4 free nights with this credit card rewards program.

    You’ll also receive a competitive interest rate with this credit card. APR rates begin at 15.24% and will be a maximum of 19.99% based on your credit score. The APR on the Choice Privileges credit card does vary with the Prime Rate. The same interest rate applies for balance transfers, but there is a minimum $2 interest charge if you have any rollover balances.

    There’s also no annual fee associated with this credit card. If you apply for the Choice Privileges credit card, then you might be forwarded into their Platinum program instead of this Signature program offer instead, based on your credit score. All points are based on the net purchase transactions that are made, less returns, adjustments, or other credits.

    What Fees Do You Need to Know About?

    There are certain transaction fees associated with the Choice Privileges credit card of which you should know.

    • There is a balance transfer fee that is either $10 or 4% of the amount being transferred onto the credit card, whichever amount is greater.
    • There is a cash advance fee that is either $10 or 5% of the amount of the cash advance, whichever is greater.
    • A 3% foreign transaction fee in local dollar equivalency also applies.
    • Late fees and returned payment fees may be up to $35 depending on where you live.

    If you are looking for a comprehensive rewards solution that can meet your traveling needs effectively, then it is important to consider the Choice Privileges credit card. Not only can you earn more free nights with this credit program, but you’ll be able to stay in some of the best locations that the world has to offer. Now that’s a rewards program that pays!

    The Choice Privileges® Visa® Card Lets You Travel In Style

    Nothing speaks of the classic American experience like a long road trip. Legends have been written about certain routes, such as Route 66, because of the great sightseeing and landscape variation that can be experienced from coast-to-coast along the way. Whether you are piling into your vehicle for a long road trip or you just need a good place to stay after a long flight, Choice Privileges offers you the locations to get the rest you need.

    If you’re already planning on staying at a Choice Privileges location, then why not get rewarded for what you’re already planning to do? The Choice Privileges® Visa® Card will give you a comprehensive set of rewards with a very fair set of terms and conditions. If you love to explore, then be sure to explore all of the details of this credit card offer.

    #1. You will get more for free. The Choice Privileges® Visa® Card can give you up to 15 points for every dollar that you spend when you stay at one of their 4,200 locations. If you purchase gift cards for a Choice location, then you will receive 5 points for $1 that you have spent. You even get double points for the purchases that you make every day while you’re taking that road trip.

    #2. Get a great bonus. After you have been approved for the Choice Privileges® Visa® Card, you can earn up to 32,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase at a Choice location. This is enough bonus points to qualify you for up to four free nights. This will let you spend your money while you’re traveling on other things that you might need.

    #3. Get a competitive APR. The Choice Privileges® Visa® Card offers an interest rate on purchases that begins at 15.24% and is based on that Prime Rate. The maximum APR to expect upon approval is 19.99% and that is based on your credit history. There isn’t an introductory APR for balance transfers, so these interest rates will apply if you are thinking about transferring some debt.

    #4. There’s no annual fee. Although there is no annual fee, there are some fees of which you should be aware with the Choice Privileges® Visa® Card. You will have a 3% foreign transaction fee on any purchase that occurs outside of the United States. There is also a 5% cash advance fee with a minimum $10 charge and a 4% balance transfer fee for a $10 minimum charge if you need to take advantage of those features.

    #5. Achieve Gold status automatically. When you are approved for the Choice Privileges® Visa® Card, you will receive an automatic status as an Elite Gold card member. This gives you two specific benefits: you will receive the ability to book free nights up to 50 days in advance and earn a 10% Elite bonus on points that are earned from eligible stays. This status also gives you access to an exclusive reservation number so that you can book your rooms more effectively.

    The  Choice Privileges® Visa® Card is one of the most comprehensive hotel rewards programs that a credit card is offering right now. If you want to get a slice of Americana and save money while you’re doing it, then this is the credit card for you.

    View more information about the Choice Privileges Visa Card.


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