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Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard® Review

    If you have the credit card called Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard in your hands, then you have a ticket that can help you find your favorite getaway more effectively. Not only is there a set of comprehensive everyday benefits, but you will receive competitive rates and great discounts that will add to the value of being a cardmember. If you and your family love to travel, then you need to consider this line of credit from Barclay’s.

    What Are the Everyday Benefits?

    When you have the new Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard, you have access to these specific benefits that apply 24/7 to your account.

    • You will receive double miles on all of your purchases from Hawaiian Airlines that are direct.

    • You earn 1 mile for every $1 you spend on all of your other purchases.

    • Purchases at certain participating partners can earn you 10x miles.

    • There is no upper limit on the total amount of miles that you can earn on a Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard.

    • There are no foreign transaction fees on the purchases you make.

    • With the ShareMiles program, you can receive miles from family and friends who have earned rewards through an online transfer.

    • The primary cardholder always receives a complementary first checked bag when the Hawaiian Airlines credit card is used purchase tickets directly from the airline.

    To receive these benefits, you will need to pay an $89 annual fee. In return, you’ll receive an APR that can be as low as 15.99% for your new purchases or balance transfers.

    What Are the Annual Benefits?

    The Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard offers a number of annual benefits to cardmembers as well.

    • You will earn 5,000 bonus miles every year after you pay the $89 annual fee.

    • You will also receive a $100 companion discount annually and certain members will also receive $100 and in-flight purchases that can be used.

    • If you are approved for this line of credit, you will also receive a one time 50% off travel discount for a round-trip flight between Hawaii & North America.

    As you can see, the rewards of having the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard can really start to add up. If you regularly visit the Hawaiian Islands or fly on Hawaiian Airlines, then this credit card can quickly pay for itself. With the first checked bag having a minimum fee of $25 for every flight, it only takes two round-trip flights to pay for the annual fee.

    Are You Ready?

    The Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard offers potential cardmembers a 30 second decision on new accounts. With interest rates that are comparable with other Barclay’s products and comprehensive rewards that can be used for your air travel needs, this credit card gives you rewards miles with every purchase that you make. If you are ready to explore the tropics or are just ready to take advantage of your current spending habits, then this is one of the first cards you should consider applying for.

    Fly High With The Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®

    You don’t have to live in Hawaii to benefit from having the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard® in your wallet or purse. There are many airline rewards cards that are on the market today, even some of them offered by Barclaycard, but most of them don’t have the level of savings that this card does. If you want to visit the islands or fly internationally while saving money each way, the Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard should be one of the first cards you consider.

    It all begins with how much you can save on your luggage transportation needs. The primary account holder will not be charged for their first checked bag on any flight, which saves them up to $35 each way. By not paying this fee, it will not take many flights every year for the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®  to pay for itself.

    Rack Up the Rewards

    #1. The Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard® offers customers 2 miles for every $1 they spend on a direct purchase. As long as you use this MasterCard to pay for your airline tickets through Hawaiian Airlines, you’ll always receive double miles. Every other purchase offers a 1:1 reward compensation.

    Partner Up

    #2. The Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard® offers up to 10 miles for every $1 spent at participating partners. Many of these 10x offers are limited in nature and there tends to be a rotating category of partners that offer this promotion. If you can match up a good deal, however, you can get the items you need and the airline rewards that you want very quickly.

    No Limits

    #3. There are no limits to the amount of rewards that you can earn over the course of a year. This credit card does not put any caps on the amount of miles that your account can hold. This means you can save up your miles are that special trip that you’ve always wanted to take.

    Share the Love

    #4. This credit card has one of the best friends and family programs that is on the market today. You and your loved ones can transfer miles between each other’s accounts online. This allows more flexibility in your travel savings and can help you bless someone you care about with an amazing trip on Hawaiian Airlines.

    Lots of Bonuses

    #5. Although there is an $89 annual fee with the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®, you will receive some annual bonuses and return. You will receive a $100 discount that you can give to a companion. Your account anniversary will also give you a 5,000 point miles. When you are approved for your account the first time, you will also receive a companion discount of 50% for travel to North America from the islands.

    Competitive Interest Rates

    #6. The starting interest rate on this credit card is 15.99% and it applies for purchases and balance transfers. It is a variable interest rate, so it may be higher or lower on any given month because it is based on the Prime Rate.

    If you want a comprehensive rewards credit card, then you need the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®. It is specifically designed to help you stretch your hard-earned money further when you travel.

    View more information about the Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®.


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