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Marriott Reward Premier Credit Card Review

    The Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card is a rewards credit card that can be used at casinos around the world. Rewards are earned based on purchases, with an emphasis on purchases made at Marriott properties around the world. Account holders earn five points for every $1 spent through Marriott. There are additional benefits which are offered to new account holders as well.

    • New account holders will earn 80,000 bonus points if $3,000 in purchases is made within the first three months of opening an account with this casino credit card.
    • Double points are earned every time airline tickets are purchases through a qualifying agency or from the airline directly.
    • Every purchase earns at least 1 point for every $1 spent and the points do not expire as long as the card remains active.

    To keep the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card active, account holders must make at least one purchase on the credit card in 2 years. There is no minimum amount that is required for this purchase.

    Earning Elite Status with the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card

    The Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card offers different status levels within their rewards programs for users to enjoy. The status levels are earned based on the number of “Elite credits” that are assigned to the casino credit card. Account holders automatically earn 15 Elite credits every year, including in the first year of holding this credit card, which automatically qualifies an account in good standing with Silver Elite status.

    Purchases on this credit card earn additional Elite status credits. It takes $3,000 in purchases to earn another Elite status credit.

    To earn Gold Elite status with the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card, 50 Elite credits are required. Once this status is reached, card holders received a 25% point bonus on stays at a Marriott property, guaranteed late checkouts, room upgrades, and complimentary enhanced internet access.

    This means $105,000 in purchases would be required in order to reach Gold Elite status within a calendar year.

    Platinum Elite status is earned once an account has 75 Elite credits. This offers 48-hour guaranteed availability for stays, 50% bonuses through Marriott purchases, arrival gifts, and other hotel benefits. Members must spend $180,000 in purchases within a calendar year in order to qualify for this status tier.

    What Are the Pricing and Terms of the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card?

    Account holders receive a variable APR with the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card. It is currently 16.24%-23.24% and is based on the creditworthiness of the applicant. Changes to the Prime Rate will initiate changes to the APR.

    Balance transfer APRs are the same as purchasing APRs, but not every account may be authorized to make a balance transfer. For cash advances, all account holders are subjected to a variable 25.24% APR.

    There is no minimum interest charge associated with this casino credit card. The maximum APR associated with this card is listed at 29.99% by Chase, which includes penalty terms or changes to the Prime Rate as they may occur.

    Late payment fees are also associated with this account. For balances under $100, the late fee is $15. For balances under $250, the fee is $27. All other balances are subject to a $37 late fee.

    There is an annual membership fee of $85. No foreign transaction fees are charged to account holders with this credit card.

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