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Queen’s University Alumni Credit Card Review

    Queen’s University is one of Canada’s leading public research institutions. As an alumni of this institution of higher learning, there are several affinity partnerships in place that can help you find those specialized services or benefits you may need. The goal is to help you save money while still being able to help support your alma mater. Thanks to a relationship with MBNA, there is an alumni credit card opportunity that will help you get a little while you give a little back to the school.

    How This Opportunity Helps You To Give Back

    Queen’s University offers more than 170 years of academic excellence. The waterfront campus with its famous limestone buildings is arguably one of the most beautiful in all of Canada. Yet what makes Queen’s such a special place are the people that go there. It’s an ambitious spirit in the students, professors, and alumni that gives this institution a chance to change the world. This credit card opportunity fits right in with that spirit.

    Here’s how the Queen’s University credit card works.

    You apply for the Queen’s University credit card. All alumni are eligible to apply for this card. It’s also open to family members.

    You make an eligible purchase with this card. This activates your benefits and your ability to give back to the school. With every purchase made, MBNA will donate to the various alumni and student programs at the school.

    You get options. There are two credit cards available for this opportunity. One is a rewards card that will give you 1,000 bonus points on that first eligible purchase. The other is a platinum card with extremely low promotional rates.

    You’re already sporting your Gaels pride in numerous ways every day. With multiple championships and a storied history, Queen’s University needs alumni support to continue operating at such a high level. In return for your help, exciting affinity partnerships like this one with MBNA have been developed so you can provide that support doing what you already do.

    Are You Ready To Get More Involved?

    Numerous alumni come back home to Queen’s University every year. Sometimes it’s to have a class reunion. It might be to participate in this year’s homecoming. Whatever the case may be for you, this credit card opportunity gives you the chance to come home to Queen’s all year long.

    Queen’s University has negotiated some highly competitive rates for this line of credit that is available exclusively to you. There are advantageous promotional AIRs for balance transfers. You can earn rewards that can be converted into even more charitable donations if you wish. It’s an easy way to give back in multiple ways and you don’t have to change your budget to take advantage of this opportunity.

    If you’ve been thinking about how you could give back more to your school, then Queen’s University has created a page to help you explore this option with more depth. We’ve put a link to that page for your convenience below so you can sport your Gaels pride all year long if you wish.

    View more about Queen’s University Alumni Credit Card.


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