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MBNA Credit Card Review

    MBNA credit cards have fallen under the umbrella of Bank of America in the United States, but they are still one of Canada’s most popular lenders. There are a number of useful credit cards that will provide you with the perfect line of credit that can help you better manage your finances. Let’s take a look at some of the accounts you could apply to get today!

    Smart Cash Platinum Plus: With a 10 month period available for a 1.99% APR on balance transfers, debt can easily be managed thanks to this MBNA credit card. There’s more benefits to this card as well, including up to 5% cash back on eligible purchases like fuel and groceries for the first 6 months your account is open. There’s no annual fee and you get 1% cash back on all the purchases you make.

    Platinum Plus: If you’re looking for a better APR on balance transfers, then the regular Platinum Plus card may be a better selection. You’ll get a 0% APR on balance transfers and deposits for the first 12 months. There’s no annual fee with this card either and you’ll have access to the full list of MBNA’s platinum card benefits that are exclusive to this lender.

    World Elite Rewards Card: This credit card gives you 10,000 bonus points on your very first eligible purchase. From there, you’ll earn 2 MBNA rewards points for every $1 in eligible purchases that you make. There’s no limit to the amount of points that can be earned in every 12 month period and your points don’t expire. There’s an $89 annual fee associated with this line of credit, but the fee is waived for the first year.

    True Line: If you tend to carry a rollover balance on your credit cards from month-to-month, then the True Line card by MBNA may be the best choice for you. It has a 9.99% standard APR on all purchases, transfers, and deposits. It also qualifies as a platinum card, giving you access to those exclusive benefits. You can add authorized users to this card at no added cost and there’s no annual fee if approved for this line of credit.

    MBNA Rewards: If you’re looking for a basic rewards program that will give you good value without having to spend a lot, then this is the credit card for you. There’s no annual fee and you’ll still get 1,000 bonus points upon approval. You’ll earn 1 point for $1 you spend on a qualified purchase and charitable donations, cash back, and travel benefits are all part of this rewards program.

    Which MBNA credit card is right for you? Take a look at the benefits each one can provide you and then make the selection based on which one will help your budget the most. From 0% APRs to low long-term interest charges and helpful, valuable rewards, MBNA has something to provide you right now. Apply today so you can begin experiencing these benefits for yourself!

    If you are based in the United States, then it is no longer possible to apply for an MBNA credit card. All of the accounts that MBNA held in the United States were transitioned into Bank of America credit cards. Although some users may still have MBNA branded cards, their statements and credit are supported by Bank of America.

    The only way to apply for an MBNA credit card is to have an established residence in the United Kingdom or Canada.

    You live or work in the UK, then you may qualify for an MBNA credit card. If you do, then there are a number of tremendous advantages from which you can benefit.

    MBNA has launched one of the best credit cards that is available in the world today.

    With a variable representative 6.6% APR, the MBNA low rate credit card is one of the most consumer friendly lines of credit that is on the market right now. It is more than just one low interest rate. There are also no transfer handling fees associated credit card. Because of products like these, MBNA was the recipient of the MoneyFacts 2014 Provider of the Year award.

    Activate your MBNA credit card online. In the lower left-hand of the home page, there is a link for you to be able to activate your MBNA card online. If this is your first MBNA card, you will also have to register for online card services. Otherwise just log into your account and activate the card. It really is that easy.

    MBNA allows users change reward points into cash donations. Your favorite UK charities can receive cash donation because of your spending activities. For every 1,000 reward points that you turn into a charitable donation, MBNA will provide a charity of your choice with a £5 donation. MBNA will also match that donation by equal amount, so that your overall charitable donation is doubled. You can exchange points in increments of 50.

    You can earn incredible rewards with your MBNA credit card. Not only is there a one-for-one rewards program for every £1 that is spent, but there are American Express and MasterCard benefits that come with your MBNA card as well. This includes inclusive travel benefits shopping, dining, and entertainment offers. You may also qualify for the Priceless London promotion that allows you to experience museums and shopping in this capital city.

    Received text message updates about your account. If you associate your mobile phone with your MBNA credit card, then you can text for updates about available balances, recent charges, and other information that you need to manage your line of credit. This allows you to always stay within your budget, no matter where you might be in the world today.

    MBNA credit cards offer UK users a tremendous advantage in terms of value. Qualify to apply for this credit card, then you can experience an amazing amount of savings.

    MBNA, a division of the Toronto Dominion Bank, offers a range of Mastercards in Canada which each have three key components – a reward incentive (including MBNA Rewards Points and Smart Cash), an annual fee and an interest rate.


    • The MBNA Reward Points programme is an in-house offering.  Up to two MNBA points are earned for every $1 of eligible spend, plus there is up to a 10,000 bonus on first spend, depending on the card.  There are no limits to the amount of points that can be earned in a year and they never expire. Points can be redeemed for brand-name merchandise and gift cards from top retailers, cash back, travel with no black-out periods or charitable donations.
    • The Smart Cash incentive programme offers up to 5% cash back on all eligible gas and grocery purchases for the first 6 months and up to 2% cash back on these purchases thereafter. All other eligible purchases earn up to 1% cash back.
    • There are a number of other cards which offer unique rewards including (but not limited to) “More Rewards”, Alaska Airlines, Best Western, CAA, CDI, Choice Privileges, i-travel2000 and Harley Davidson.

    Annual Fee

    • The majority of cards have no annual fee. The MBNA Rewards World Elite card has an $89 fee but this is waived for the first year.  The Alaska Airlines card has a $75 annual fee.

    Interest Rate

    • The majority of the cards have interest rates in a narrow band of between 16.99% and 19.99%.  Notable exceptions are the True Line card which is 9.99% and the CDI Rewards Card which is 14.99%.
    • A 0% annual interest rate(AIR) on balance transfers and deposits for the first 12 full months is offered on the Platinum Plus Mastercard.
    • There is an interest free grace period of 21 days for all cards, assuming balances are paid in full prior to the due date.
    Christopher - BSc, MBA

    With over two decades of combined Big 5 Banking and Agency experience, Christopher launched Underbanked® to cut through the noise and complexity of financial information. Christopher has an MBA degree from McMaster University and BSc. from Western University in Canada.

    Christopher - BSc, MBA

    Christopher - BSc, MBA

    With over two decades of combined Big 5 Banking and Agency experience, Christopher launched Underbanked® to cut through the noise and complexity of financial information. Christopher has an MBA degree from McMaster University and BSc. from Western University in Canada.