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Royal Bank of Canada Credit Card Review

    The Royal Bank of Canada offers a varied selection of Visa and MasterCard options for you to consider. These lines of credit are specially tailored to meet the specific needs that you might have. RBC Royal Bank also offers an easy-to-use set of tools to help you better manage your credit cards that you may have with this lender.

    Are you thinking about applying for a credit card today? If you are, then you may wish to consider these options!

    RBC Visa Infinite Avion: With the Infinite Avion credit card, you can start flying right away with 15,000 welcome points. If you are approved for a business and personal card, you’ll get an additional 15,000 points and receive a discount on the annual fee. Avion ranked #1 in overall satisfaction among loyalty credit cards and you can combine your rewards points from your business and personal Avion cards if you wish. You can enjoy travel rewards like free short-haul flights, get brand name merchandise, and do it all through one of the easiest redemption processes in the industry today.

    Rewards Visa Gold: If you prefer a no-fee experience with your RBC Royal Bank credit card, then the Rewards Visa Gold might be a better selection for you. You can begin redeeming points at just 2,500 and there is no annual fee and no additional card fee associated with the account. You’ll receive a 19.99% APR on all of your purchases and a 21.99% APR on cash advances. Your rewards can be converted into instant travel rewards, tech products at stores like Best Buy, and plenty of other brand name merchandise.

    RateAdvantage Visa: If your preference is geared more toward the interest rate your balances will carry month-to-month, then the RateAdvantage Visa is perhaps the better choice to make. Your APR is the prime interest rate plus 4.99% to 8.99% based on your credit and payment history. The cash advance APR has the same structure and you get this for a low annual fee of just $39. It’s the perfect way to consolidate balances from high interest credit cards and you’ll still have access to the insurance coverage your travels may need. There’s no annual fee for additional cards that you may wish to add to  your account.

    Visa Classic Low Rate: If your preference is for a low fixed rate instead of a variable APR, then the Classic Low Rate credit card by Royal Bank of Canada could be a better choice. In return for a low $20 annual fee, you’ll receive a fixed APR on purchases and cash advances of just 11.99%. There’s no annual fee for additional cards and you’ll get the reliability you need to pay off debt quickly when you consolidate all of your balances to this card. If you carry a balance of just $1,000, you could save as much as $160 per year.

    Which credit card is right for you? Whether you need a secured student card, a business card, or a comprehensive travel rewards card like Avion, you’ll be able to find the perfect credit card to meet your needs on the Royal Bank of Canada website.


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