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JCPenney Credit Card Review

    JCPenney may have hit a recent rough patch in terms of consumer satisfaction, but this retail clothing department store is on the rebound and so is their online credit center. Run by GE Capital, you’ll get a welcome bonus with a new credit card branded with JCPenney, get $100 in rewards with specific purchases, and earn other rewards as well based on your spending patterns.

    Everyone Applies For the Same JCPenney Credit Card
    Unlike other lenders, GE Capital doesn’t offer a line of different credit cards that people can apply to get based on their unique financial situation and credit history. You are instead applying for the same card that has a standard purchase APR of 26.99%.

    Where many can get an advantage with this card is through the purchase of a mattress or of furniture that qualifies for their promotional financing offer. Items in these categories with a purchase of $1,000 or more will receive a 0% APR for the first 12 months, but then back interest charges apply if the balance isn’t paid off in full.

    What About Gold and Platinum Status?
    Once you’ve been approved for a line of credit by GE Capital, your JCPenney credit card can be upgraded to a different status based on your spending patterns: gold or platinum. Each status comes with added benefits to your line of credit that may be of benefit to you, so let’s take a look at those below!

    • Gold Status: In order to achieve this status, you must spend a minimum of $500 on goods or services at a JCPenney location in at least two separate shopping days in order to qualify. This must be repeated every year in order to maintain this status. When you achieve this status, you’ll receive a a gift on your birthday, receive a special series of discounts and offers that are only available to you, and receive coupons of $10 or $15 throughout the year.
    • Platinum Status: The terms of this status are the same as they are of the Gold Status except that you must spend a minimum of $1,000 over the course of a year. You’ll also get the same extra benefits that you would with Gold Status, along with free shipping events that are held throughout the year for only platinum card holders.

    To earn the monthly $10 JCPenney rewards, you must simply earn a minimum of 100 points during the month. You earn points on a 1-for-1 basis on the product price only and if you return an item that was purchased, the point total on your card will be deducted as well. If you earn 1000 points in a month, you’ll receive 10 rewards!

    If you are approved for the JCPenney credit card, one of the stipulations to having access to this line of credit is that you must use the card at least once per year. If you fail to make a purchase in a calendar year, then GE Capital reserves the right to cancel your account and this may affect your credit score in a negative way.

    Do you like shopping at JCPenney? If so, then the rewards you can earn on this line of credit might help extended your shopping dollars even further!


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