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Getting your Credit Card Account Details through a Mobile Phone

    Credit card companies are starting to catch up with the times by allowing their customers to access their account details through Smartphone applications. These are very convenient applications because they allow you to view your account details from any location. These details could be account balances, recent transactions, and customer support. You can even have alerts sent to your phone every time there is a charge to your credit card.

    That way if someone has taken your card or even just your card number, you will be informed that there is fraud going on when you see the card being charged. Then you can contact your credit card provider right through your Smartphone and let them know what is going on.

    Downloading Credit Card Apps

    Credit card providers should have a link on their website that direct their users to the app for their credit card company. These apps are also usually available through online app stores, like Google Play and Apple Store. Google Play hosts apps that are specifically for the Android operating system.

    Apple hosts apps that run on their operating system called “iOS.” Your credit card provider’s website should direct you to each store and setup should be relatively easy. You will need to use your Smartphone or Tablet to download the app. If for some reason, you can’t access your provider’s website through your phone, then just go to the app store directly and search for the app there.

    Mobile App

    A credit card balance can also be checked by a Smartphone app developed by your credit card provider. All you have to do is link the app to your personal credit card account and you will be able to retrieve your balance information instantly. In fact, you can have your credit balance updated periodically and have it appear on the interface of your Smartphone. Please note you will have to check with your credit card provider to see what type of operating system the app will work for.

    Some providers only cater to Android while others prefer the Apple iOS. Many bigger providers have apps for both operating systems. Just call your customer service representative to find out what you need on your Smartphone to use the app.

    Other Online Features

    Online credit card management lets you do much more than just view your credit card balance. You can view a list of all the transactions that took place on your account within the last 30 days. This way you can check on a daily basis to make sure there are no unwanted transactions, so you can stay on top of your credit card charges.

    Then if you want to go back even further, copies of your credit card statement will be available online in PDF file format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files, which is free software that you can download from the website. Once you view the files, you have the option to save them on your computer for future reference.


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