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Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite card Review

    Are you ready to experience one of the best cash back experiences in the credit card market today? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite Card! Scotiabank provides the most cash back on this card than in any of their other programs. Imagine being able to get a full 4% cash back on purchases… how much money could that save you every month! If you use your credit to purchase gas or groceries every month, then this is a card that you must strongly consider getting!

    You Get a Minimum of 1% Cash Back on Every Purchase!

    Even though you get 4% cash back on purchases at gas stations and grocery stores, the savings you get don’t just stop there.

    You’ll also get 2% cash back on all of your recurring bill payments scheduled onto the Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card and eligible drug store purchases that fall into purchase category 5912. These cash back amounts apply to your first $25,000 in purchases every year.

    If you make more than $25k in purchases on your card or make purchases that don’t qualify for the 4% or 2% cash back rates, then you’ll still receive 1% cash back . Many cash back programs offer 0.5% on all purchases; this card offers so much more.

    There is a $99 annual fee associated with this card, but if you apply soon, that fee can be waived for the first year. Scotia has made this offer for a very limited time, so if you’ve been considering a cash back card and have waited for the perfect opportunity, then this is it!

    Get Incredible Infinite Enhancements!

    Besides the fantastic amount of cash back you receive, the Infinite card delivers a wide variety of enhancements as well. The VISA dining series, for example, gives you the chance to sample food and wine in sophisticated environments with some of the biggest names in the Canadian food industry.

    Complimentary concierge services give you cross-border services at some of today’s hottest locations around the world. Enjoy hotel enhancements at over 800 partners as well!

    If you can meet the minimum qualifications of this card, including income minimums that begin at $60,000 per year, then this is definitely the card to consider carrying. A 19.99% APR accompanies this card and for cash advances, the APR is 21.99%.

    Additional card holders have a $30 annual fee in addition to the $99 annual fee that, for a very limited time, you can have waived for the first year This special offer also waives the additional card holder fee for the first year!

    The advantages of this card speak for themselves. Though the annual fee might be a bit high in comparison to other cards, the savings you receive can make the Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite card pay for itself! And save you significantly.


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    Christopher - BSc, MBA

    Christopher - BSc, MBA

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