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TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card Review

    Rewards-based credit cards are all the rage these days, and while some clients love collecting points, others prefer cash-back options. The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card is a great way for customers to earn money back on everyday purchases. The Visa Infinite comes with a substantial “welcome offer”. Clients can earn 6% cash back on all spending charged on the card within the first 90 days of the account opening. It’s important to note that this rate is capped off at $2,000.

    Included in the sign-up bonus for this card is the first year’s annual fee, which is waived for both primary and added cardholders (a maximum of three additional card holders are allowed on the credit card). The annual fee for the primary cardholder is set at $120, and the first additional cardholder on the account must pay $50 per year, but there is no added annual fee for the third and fourth cardholders on the Visa. To receive the annual fee rebate, clients must use the card within the first three months of activation.

    After the welcome offer expires, customers receive 3% cash back on all gas and grocery spending, as well as regular recurring bill payments set up on the account. One percent cash back is collected on all other charges on the Visa Infinite. Cash-back dollars can be redeemed at any time to pay down the credit card balance. These “dollars” never expire as long as the Visa Infinite account is open, and the client is in good standing with the credit card.

    In addition to the rewards component to the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite, the credit card comes with some added benefits. All cardholders gain access to a free Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership, a value of $79, which covers clients 24/7 when it comes to emergency road services. Visa Infinite customers can also take advantage of 5% to 10% off when renting a car with Avis or Budget at participating locations in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance is also included with this credit card.

    For those that love to travel, the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite also provides Travel Medical Insurance of up to $2 million in coverage for the initial 10 days of a trip, but if a customer and spouse are 65 years or older, the coverage is offered only for the first four days. Clients can also top this up at any time. Added travel insurance benefits include Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance (of up to $1,000 for each insured individual), as well as Emergency Travel Assistance Services if a client is dealing with an unexpected emergency while away from home. A toll-free number can be accessed from anywhere, worldwide.

    Additional benefits include Zero Liability against unauthorized charges made to the account, either online or in-person, as well as Purchase Security and Extended Warranty on items bought with the Visa Infinite. TD also provides clients with a “Fraud Alerts” service that sends notifications to a customer’s mobile anytime suspicious activity takes place on their Visa.

    There are also some “fun” perks to the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite credit card. All cardholders gain access to the Complimentary Visa Infinite Concierge, which is accessible 24/7, to help with booking travel, dining, entertainment, and shopping experiences. The Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection is a service providing cardholders with access to exclusive benefits when booking accommodations from their catalog of 900+ of the most intriguing properties across the globe. Lastly, the Visa Infinite Food and Wine Experiences provide clients with access to some of the most incredible Canadian gourmet events from top restaurants across the country. In addition, cardholders are given exclusive benefits at participating wineries in Ontario and British Columbia.  

    Customers can also add their TD Cash Back Visa to Apple Pay for a more convenient way of shopping. No need to grab a purse or wallet anymore when running errands; just take a phone and go! Customers can still collect cash-back rewards and get all their Visa benefits through their Apple Pay Wallet.

    Eligibility requirements for the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite card are set at a $60,000 personal annual income or combined household income of $100,000. The minimum credit limit for the card is set at $5,000, with a 20.99% purchase interest rate, and 22.99% for cash advances.

    Visit for more information on the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card, or to apply for the credit card.


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