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AIG Direct Term Life Insurance Review

    Large term life insurance companies tend to provide peace of mind by offering stability because of their size. A larger insurer can also create bigger pools of insured individuals, lowering their financial risks as an organization, which means lower rates are a possibility. At AIG Direct, it is possible to receive up to $250,000 of term life coverage for just $14 per month. Like most term life providers, AIG Direct offers policies that range from 5-30 years. 5-year increments are available within that range. Not every type of term life insurance may offer short-term options.

    Certain policies offered by this insurer allow for fixed premiums over the entire life of the policy. The death benefits that are provided by a policy can also be fixed over the entire term. This makes it possible to budget the monthly cost of term life insurance for some individuals or families for up to 30 years.

    AIG Direct offers several different types of policies for consideration.

    • Level term life insurance.
    • Renewable term life insurance.
    • Convertible term life insurance.
    • Return of Premium (RoP) term life insurance.

    Return of Premium term life insurance is a unique product that is typically offered by only the largest insurers in the industry today. It is a policy which offers a level premium payment level, with terms that are usually either 20 or 30 years. If you happen to outlive the payment terms of the policy, then you receive all the policy premiums that you paid into the life insurance plan at the end of the term.

    This type of guarantee means you literally have nothing to lose. You either get your money back or your beneficiary receives your coverage amount as a benefit should something unexpected happen to you.

    AIG Direct also offers renewable term life plans that are just 5 years in length, but may require proof of insurability to qualify for a renewal.

    The application process of AIG Direct is informative and fast. Quotes are available immediately and most applications are approved quickly and without the sales pressure that can be found at other providers.

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