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Prudential Financial Term Life Insurance Review

    Finding term life insurance can be a headache if you have certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking. Rates for smokers, smokeless tobacco users, or tobacco chewers can be tripled compared to term life rates for people classified as “healthy.” People with health risk factors can also experience much higher rates. Issues such as asthma, mood disorders, and certain cancers may also push up term life rates.

    At Prudential Financial, it is your personal health and how your habits affect that health which will determine your final premiums. It is one of the few term life insurers that does not automatically group people into specific pricing demographics based on health, weight, or lifestyle activities like smoking.

    Prudential Financial is one of the few insurers that allows cigar smokers to be eligible for non-smoker rates if they can meet certain conditions.

    The term life policies at Prudential Financial all offer these features.

    • Death benefits that are not subjected to income taxes at the Federal level in the United States.

    • Premiums that are guaranteed not to rise during its period of level rates.

    • Beneficiaries or the policy holder will have access to their death benefits, even though the individual is still living, should the policy holder be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    Prudential Financial also offers six different riders that can be added to every term life insurance policy. Conversion options are available for many policies without the need to have a second health exam.

    Varied payment schedules are offered as well.

    The term life plans at Prudential Financial can be used as a primary method of insurance in case the expected happens or can work with additional life insurance options so that additional coverage can be obtained for a specific period.

    With lower rates for those classified as “substandard” or “uninsurable” by other providers are added into the equation, Prudential Financial offers a competitive term life product that can be specifically tailored to meet virtually any need an individual or family may have today.

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