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How to Report Your BMO Bank of Montreal Card As Stolen

    Cancelling your BMO Bank of Montreal card because it has been lost or stolen is incredibly simple. BMO recommends that you contact your nearest branch if you discover your debit card or your BMO MasterCard is no longer in your possession. This can always be done during regular business hours and it does not need to be at your home branch.

    You Can Call BMO Toll Free

    If you to need to cancel your Bank of Montreal cards after regular business hours, then the number you must call depends on the BMO card that you are using. For debit cards that need to be cancelled, you’ll need to contact customer support at 1 (877) CALL-BMO, which is 1 (877) 225-5266. If you need to cancel your BMO MasterCard because it has been lost or you suspect it has been stolen, then you’ll need to call 1 (800) 361-3361.

    BMO also offers specific support numbers that help with unique customer needs.

    • Outside of Canada and the Continental United States: Call (514) 881-3845 for support with reporting your card as lost or stolen.
    • If you need help in French: Contact 1 (877) 225-5266 and ask for a French speaking representative.
    • For assistance in Cantonese or Mandarin: Contact 1 (800) 665-8800.

    The Bank of Montreal recommends that you contact customer support or report your card as missing within 24 hours of it disappearing. Even if you just suspect that it has been stolen, it is safer to report the credit or debit card then it is to live with the risks of a missing credit card. If you need help to locate your nearest BMO Bank of Montreal branch to report your missing card, be sure to use the link to the locator.

    If you are unable to call the toll free numbers to report your card as stolen or lost while travelling, then the online banking portal is the next best option if there isn’t a local branch close. If you cannot access the portal either, then do not email your information to BMO.

    You Can Use PowerSwitch to Quickly Transfer Ongoing Payments

    One of the biggest issues that comes with a stolen or lost credit card are the ongoing payments that have been setup on them. This is often through the monthly bills that every household needs to pay. With BMO PowerSwitch, changing your financial payments to the new card is a seamless process. All you’ve got to do is give BMO the details of your payments and they’ll do the rest. This includes any direct deposit payments that you may have coming into your credit or debit account.

    You can accomplish this either on the telephone with a customer support representative or online through your banking portal.

    Make sure that you setup the security questions with your online accounts to further enhance your security protections. Do not make the answers something that can be easily discovered about you, such as the name of a child, a sibling, or your high school if they are shared on social networking websites. Keep passwords impersonal as well, using random words, letters, numbers, and symbols that you can remember, but won’t be easily guessed.


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