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How to Report Your Capital One Credit Card as Stolen or Lost

    One of the unique advantages of being a Capital One customer is that you immediately have access to support if you believe that there is fraud happening on your account. This support is in place whether you have a personal credit card, a banking account, or a commercial account with this lender. If fraud does occur, Capital One works closely with you to resolve the situation quickly.

    Here’s how you can get that support working for you if your credit card has been stolen or lost.

    Step #1: Contact Customer Service

    The toll free number to use to reach Capital One is the same in the United States and Canada. Call 1 (800) 481-3239 at any time to speak with a customer support specialist. There are people available 24/7 because credit card emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. You may also call 1 (800) 955-7070 to speak with someone directly about stolen credit or debit cards. Small business customers will need to contact Capital One at 1 (800) 867-0904 to report their card as stolen or lost.

    Step #2: Call Collect

    Losing your credit card can happen anywhere in the world. Capital One allows you to dial a direct number to their customer support department with a collect call if you are outside of the United States or Canada. If this applies to you, then call 1 (804) 934-2010.

    Step #3: Get Live Help

    If you don’t want to wait on hold for a long time, which can sometimes happen, you can find help online.  Capital One offers a live chat box that can be accessed from the home page. You do not need to log in to be able to access this chat box. Simply tell the rep that you have a stolen credit card to report and you’ll be taken to an appropriate specialist.

    Step #4: Get Zero Liability

    Capital One offers a $0 Fraud Liability policy. If your Capital One credit card is lost or stolen and then used without permission, you will not be liable for those charges. If you have a business account, however, there are specific conditions that must be met to have this policy implemented. You must have your account in good standing, have exercised good care in protecting your card, and not have had two other reported theft incidents within the last 12 months.

    Step #5: Dispute Charges

    Capital One wants you to dispute charges in writing. You will need to write a letter that disputes each charge individually. This means that if you have 8 different charges to dispute, then you’ll need to write 8 different letters.

    For Canadian customers, send these letters to:

    Capital One Customer Service
    Attn: Merchant Resolution
    P.O. Box 501
    Scarborough STN D
    Scarborough, ON M1R 5K

    For US customers, send these letters to:

    Capital One

    P.O. Box 30279

    Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0285

    Your customer support specialist may offer to have you fax 9charge disputes for faster service. That number is 1 (888) 435-4217. If you have online banking, you may also initiate a dispute by clicking on the “File a Dispute” link.

    Step #6: Wait For Your New Card

    After calling Capital One, you will be issued a new card. It takes about a week for the new card to arrive in the mail. Until the new card arrives and is activated, your account will have all activity blocked on it.


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