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How to Report a Stolen or Lost Credit Card to Bank of America

    The unexpected loss of a credit card can bring with it a great amount of stress. Even if you know it wasn’t stolen, the worries that are felt while searching for the card can be profound. Rather than fret about the issue, it may be a good idea to just report your card as lost or stolen to Bank of America right away. The easiest way to tell Bank of America that your credit card information has been compromised is to log into your online banking platform. You will just need your online ID, password, and to verify your chose picture password to proceed.

    From there, just click on the appropriate link to report the missing credit card.

    Do You Prefer To Speak With Someone Directly?

    If you don’t have access to the internet for some reason or just want to speak to a customer support specialist about the matter, then Bank of America has made that process as simple and painless as possible. For those who are currently in the United States, contact BoA toll free at 1 (800) 732-9194 at any time of the day on any day of the week. Your card will be cancelled immediately and a replacement will be issued.

    You will likely not be held responsible for any fraudulent activity. You must report the card as lost or stolen to take advantage of this policy. If you happen to be outside of the US, then call Bank of America at 1 (757) 677-4701 to speak with a customer support specialist about your specific situation.

    Did You Lose Your Bank of America Access Tools?

    For Bank of America customers who have banking or debit accounts with this lender, you should also immediately report the lost of items. If you have lost your debit card and are in the United States at the time, then call 1 (800) 432-1000 to report the stolen or lost items. This number can also be used if you’ve lost a book of cheques that can access your account as well.

    If you are outside of the United States, then contact Bank of America at 1 (315) 724-4022 to report your banking items as lost or stolen. You may also log into your online banking platform to report these items as missing, just as you can with a credit card.

    Your debit card will be immediately replaced. If you lost your cheques, it can help Bank of America to know what the last legal payment you issued from your book happened to be. This will help payments you’ve already made appropriately clear without putting you at any additional risk. If you think bad cheques have been issued, you can access digital copies through your online banking platform at any time.


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