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How to Report Your Canadian Tire Credit Card As Stolen

    Did you lose your CTFS credit card? Have you found suspicious charges on it that make you think that someone may have stolen it? Canadian Tire has not made it as easy to report a credit card as lost or stolen as other lending agencies. If you are no longer in possession of your card, then you will need to contact customer support at 1 (800) 226-8473 between 8am – 8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

    Customer support is not available during non-regular business hours. If you find that your credit card is missing on the weekend, you have two options: wait until Monday morning at 8am EST or contact Canadian Tire through their online customer support portal.

    What Are the Ways You Can Prevent Your Card From Being Stolen?

    Because you may not always use your Canadian Tire credit card, you may be exposing it to loss or theft unnecessarily. As a good practice, keep your credit card locked up in a safe place at home where it can not be easily accessed by an intruder. Only take the card out when you know for certain that you are about to make a purchase.

    Credit card theft can also occur without someone having access to your card. By using the information on the statements received, it can be possible to initiate certain transactions online using the CTFS card. Make sure that you are checking your postal mail regularly, maintaining your email, and regularly changing your passwords so that access to this information remains yours and yours alone.

    When setting passwords on your account, don’t choose items that are around your desk or information that is easy to associate with you. Instead of choosing birthdays or the names of children or grandchildren, pick random words, incorporate special symbols, and don’t be afraid to throw in a few numbers here or there.

    Can You Still Use Your Card If It Is Lost?

    Canadian Tire recommends that you associate a phone number with your account so you can still access the money that is available. This phone number can be used in lieu of the actual account, but this should not be done if you suspect the card has been stolen. Any funds that are used without your permissions may not be able to be recovered, so proceed wisely in this manner. If the card is lost at home because you know it was misplaced, this is a different situation than if you lost your wallet or purse.

    If you are using the Canadian Tire app on your smartphone for your card access, you will want to make your phone is locked when not in use. If you lose your phone, but still have your card, you may still wish to report this to CTFS customer support during regular business hours to protect your interests.

    You may need some extra planning to report this card as lost or stolen, but using these tips, it can be done. Report immediately to protect your account and your best interests, even if you just have a suspicion instead of a confirmed loss.


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