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How To Report Your CIBC Credit or Debit Card as Stolen

    It can be an extremely stressful experience to have your credit card or debit card stolen. Even if you have just lost your card, however, CIBC asks that you report this so that a block can be placed onto your account. In the modern world of data hacking and online sales, being overly cautious is the best way to protect your money and your credit. Even the most careful people can become victims of identity theft with a lost card, so if you can’t find your CIBC credit card, report it using the information below.

    CIBC Encourages All Customers To Use a 5 Step Process

    If you lose your wallet or purse, see charges that are unfamiliar on your statements, or just suspect that your credit or debit card information has been stolen, then CIBC has developed a 5 step process to help protect your financial integrity.

    1. Call it in. If you believe that your account information has been stolen in any way, you can contact CIBC at 1 (800) 663-4575 in Canada and the United States to report this. You may also visit your local branch office to report a stolen or lost card if that is more convenient. You will want to use the Instant Teller machines of CIBC to change your PIN to prevent any access without your permission.
    2. File a report. CIBC encourages all customers to file a police report if they believe their credit card or debit card has been stolen. The police report will help to hold those accountable for the theft and will help to limit any future liabilities that all customers may have for purchases that were made without permission.
    3. Contact all credit bureaus. In Canada, you will need to contact TransUnion and Equifax to have a fraud alert placed on your credit report. This will limit long-term damage and stop any new credit accounts from being created without evidence of positive identification.
    4. Store all of your written records. Any communication that you have with CIBC and other credit or debit providers, even if it is on a phone call, should be documented. This will help keep your police report current and allow you to follow-up on any actions that may be necessary as you get a new card issued.
    5. Destroy affected account materials. If you have cheques that are associated with your credit or debit card, immediately destroy them. Use online banking through CIBC to make sure your old account has been closed while you register the new account.

    Remember that any automatic billing that you may have with the old credit or debit card will need to be changed once you report your CIBC card as stolen.

    CIBC Offers Proactive Alerts

    The advantage of choosing CIBC as a credit provider is that you can receive alerts when any unusual activity is reported on your credit card. Comprehensive identity theft assistance is also available to further limit liabilities. After reporting your card as lost or stolen, if you have further questions about what will happen with your financial accounts, you may also call CIBC at 1 (800) 465-4653 to speak with a customer support specialist.


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