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Haven Life Insurance Review

    At Haven Life, there are no medical exams required for those who qualify based on answers provided to health questions during the application process. This insurer is also backed by Mass Mutual, has a no-commission policy, and offer immediate decisions for those who apply online. Applying for term life insurance at Haven Life is simple. You follow a 3-step process.

    1. Calculate the amount of life insurance you need or use your own pre-determined figure.
    2. Complete the application process, which takes about 20 minutes.
    3. Once approved by the underwriting team, your policy begins to cover you right away.

    Why Haven Life Is Different

    Many term life insurance policies take several weeks to be approved and requires a lot of back and forth between the applicant and the insurer. Because the entire application process is completed online, there are fewer administrative requirements on both ends of this process, saving time and money for everyone.

    Haven Life puts that savings into the policies that are offered. For comparable values on policies, this term life insurer can offer some individuals up to 10 times the benefit amount that more traditional insurers offer for a similar price.

    How Reliable is Haven Life?

    Although Haven Life was only founded in 2015, it is backed by a partnership with MassMutual, which has over 150 years of experience in the term life insurance industry. This makes it possible for new applicants to have the reliability of a traditional provider, but the adaptability of a small, modern provider at the same time.

    It is also easy to find the right options for your coverage thanks to the clear language offered within each policy opportunity. There are helpful resources provided to applicants, including videos, blogs, and an introduction to insurance content course so each person can examine their personal needs and then find the right plan.

    Just answer a few basic questions and you will receive a quote in under 2 minutes. From there, you can choose to apply for the coverage that you want and receive an instant answer.

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