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How to Report Your Lost or Stolen Credit Card to Discover

    Did you lose your Discover credit card? Do you believe that it might have been stolen, either directly or online? The good news is that you can easily report your stolen or lost card. The fastest way is to contact Discover directly at 1 (800) DISCOVER, or 1 (800) 347-2683, to speak with a customer support professional. You can also go into your Account Center to report your card is lost or stolen.

    What If I Just Misplaced My Discover Card?

    Discover gives its customers the option of freezing account activity if they believe they have just misplaced the card. You can log into your Account Center to initiate the freeze on your own if you have a registered account. If not, then call 1 (800) DISCOVER to have this done.

    If you later find out that your Discover credit card has been lost or stolen instead of just misplaced, you can log into your account and request a replacement card. This generally takes up to 6 business days to accomplish.

    Only use this option if you know for a fact that someone has not stolen your credit card. Your account numbers will not change by using this option.

    What Happens If My Discover Card Is Stolen?

    If you know or suspect that your Discover credit card has been stolen, then contact customer service or log into your Account Center and report  the card as stolen.

    This will begin an account transfer process that will create a brand new account for you. You will be issued a new card that has a new account number on it. All secondary credit cards on that account will also be re-issued, so destroy any cards that are in your possession.

    It takes up to 48 hours to complete an account transfer. During this period of time, you will be denied access to the approved credit that you may have so that it cannot be used for a fraudulent purpose. Plan accordingly so that you are not left in a dire financial condition.

    There Is No Fee For This Service

    You will not be charged a fee for these services if your credit card from Discover has been stolen. You will, however, need to contact any merchants that have reoccurring payments setup with your old account.

    They will require updated credit card information from you. Discover will not honor any payment transactions that occur on old credit card information that has been reported as stolen.

    Any Discover rewards that you have earned with your old account will also be transferred directly to the new account without any penalty. There is a $0 Fraud Liability guarantee associated with your Discover credit card as well, so you’re not going to be held responsible for any charges that were made without your permission.

    With one number to call and access through your online account dashboard, taking care of a stolen Discover credit card is as painless as possible. Take these steps today to make sure your accounts are fully protected from fraud if you’ve lost your card and you’ll be able to eliminate any anxieties you may have.


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